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Hagerty Employee

Here's why this VW R32 just sold for $65,000

Ever since the first GTI came to the U.S. in 1983, each successive generation got heavier and more bloated while under-compensating on power. This trend hit its peak with the Mk4 GTI, as Volkswagen went through several engines in an attempt to give the 3000-pound compact the sportiness its audience grew to expect. For the longest time, the Mk4’s greatest achievement was introducing a new generation to Nick Drake. So why did this 2004 Volkswagen Golf R32 just sell for $65,100 after fees?


Because the R32 is far from a standard Golf GTI.


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You need an editor to fix all your typos.

New Driver

I have a 2004 R32 with 45,500 original miles. No modification, everything original. In very good condition. Want to sell it. What’s the best way to market it? Any help greatly appreciated.
New Driver

I'm looking to purchase one!!send me a text or call me a 786 709 3415