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Hagerty Employee

Help us identify this mystery race car

The Hagerty Community never fails to impress, as our fans have a diverse and passionate appeal for all things automotive. (And motorcycles too, 'natch.) While we can often find an answer amongst ourselves, this mysterious race car was posted today on the Hagerty Community, and its current owner is seeking help to determine its provenance.
Pit Crew

Looks a bit like a mid -60's Huffaker Genie...But the mini drivetrain fit makes it a mystery. The 4 bolt lug pattern suggests Euro heritage, and it's probably smaller than it looks. I dunno.
Intermediate Driver

It looks a lot like the Lola that a guy had down the road from where I lived in the 60s. I was in high school at the time I think.
Pit Crew

Hard to tell from just 1 pic, but again I think Lotus 23c. The give away for me is the front bonnet is tapered up where it meets the lower side panel and the back fender bulge drops down at an angle and not smooth radius.


It also looks like a typical 60's Lotus frame


Wheels are definitely American Racing/Shelby Libre

and not Revolutions 


A lot of these were (and still are) raced in the US and most with right hand drive. There were a lot of replicas made and a few still today, so parts are available if you look around. 


I could be way off but this is just my opinion. Lots of the smaller 60's race and kit cars had very similar designs. Hope this helps and hope it brings you loads of fun.

New Driver

McKee possibly?
New Driver

Could it be a Brabham BT8 that has been a bit cobbled up over the years? Rear fender shape and some of the nose look pretty close. There is one for sale on Bringatrailer right now.
New Driver

Whatever it is I'd hate to be in it with that roll bar!
Pit Crew

I'm leaning Elva from the 50's.
Pit Crew

Cooper Monaco? Lotus?
New Driver

Look like a Bradly GT decapitated. My best friend in school dreamed of rebuilding a junk one we found.
Intermediate Driver

This is just some piece of crap that some shadetree mechanic cobbled together!

It looks like a Dolphin to me, although one that has been monkeyed around with through the years.


reading the post's

anyone else with knowledge out there?

Community Manager

In the interest of everyone seeing everything, please look at the new pictures that are posted on the main Hagerty Community thread about this car, here:

New Driver

First thing that came to mind due to the low front and rounded rear going under is a "Cheeta"
One side photo not much to go on, so Yep Cheeta