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Heeding the Eagle's call and trekking to the Summit | Hagerty Media

There are treasures found in long-forgotten barns, among the hallowed classifieds of Craigslist, and even in the up-and-coming pages of Facebook Marketplace. The supply is sufficient to stock an entire forum on the Hagerty Community, and that's where we met David and his 1989 Eagle Summit. That's right, an Eagle Summit.
Intermediate Driver

It's nice to see a car what was thought to be about appealing as a refrigerator survive for so long and find an owner who will take care of it and not just drive it into the ground. Being a car guy we are always expected to have something cool like Miata (which I do have) but I also have my Grand Parents 2003 Cadillac Deville. A car I loathed when they bought it new and always loathed driving it but now almost 20 years later I dearly love it for the memories and for what it is. I think that's what it is for a car guy being irrational about a vehicle whether it be a Corvette or a Summit. It doesn't bother me when my friends give me a hard time because honestly I think we all know you get just a much flack for something cool or plebeian.
Community Manager

BTW, revisions have been made to credit the Summit's second owner for his work to save this car. 

Pit Crew

Ha! That’s my old summit in that video.

Lovely story. Oddball stuff is cool, and take many forms— including things thought completely pedestrian; when few survive. Good for him.
Pit Crew

Great story! This is what it is all about, a car that makes you feel good, brings back memories, puts a smile on your face... whether that is a practical econo-sedan or a muscle car or luxury liner. And it's especially great when a car like this is preserved, so often these are the cars that many of us had and bring memories, but that were rarely saved or seen on the road or at shows. I bet he will always draw a crowd, full of people with lots of stories of their cars!

Community Manager

He got me hooked. I think you are right! 


Well, I'm an AMC historian, and one of the few who give Renault some credit. If not for Renault buying into AMC in 1980 and increasing their share way more and sooner than expected, AMC would have died in 1981 or 82 as they couldn't get funding. There would be no Jeep Cherokee (XJ), Renault basically financed getting that project off the ground (though they had no input, save for the 4.0L development for 87). The Summit and Talon were good cars, but had nothing to do with Renault or AMC, coming in after the 87 buy-out. Most auto writers in late 86 thought that Renault/AMC was on the right track for success for 87. That's when the assassination occurred, partly over Renault putting so much money into AMC when French auto workers were out of jobs. So it was politics, but the assassination of Georges Besse was definitely the catalyst. The new head of Renault wasn't so keen on keeping AMC alive at the expense of French jobs... or was it his life he was concerned about????
Community Manager

From what I researched before writing that paragraph, I assume the new head's life or social standing in France were entirely at stake. Thank you for your feedback on this, as it's always nice to hear reinforcement of my research. It's a pretty fascinating story, but there's not enough room in an Eagle Summit story to tell it. 🙂 


Never had love for these then and I forgot about them today. 


The Eagles that really stick out to me was the old AMC Eagle wagon and Hatch. I had a local business owner who could own what ever own two of these. They drove them for years and even with the issue AMC had in that era these cars really held up well.  They both went into six figures and did not have the rust issues the previous models they were based on had. 


They did suffer the leaking valve covers that all did but for the abuse they took they did well. The owner later went to a SUV and then a Porsche Cayenne before he passed away. 


My buddy had a Renault Fuego that was the next thing to walking. It seldom ran right and had many issue. I was glad when I finally got him to give up on it. I used to play with Fiats and while they were far from perfect they always ran. Rust yes but they always ran and you never had to lock it even in Cleveland as no one would steal it. 


Jeep has survived a number of mergers and yet another one with a French company. Time will tell if they hang on or move to someone else again.