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Hagerty Employee

Head-to-head in the Ferrari F40 and Porsche 959

One hundred and sixty miles an hour. Time to change into top. I remember that gearchange so clearly, even though it happened 33 years ago, when I first drove a Porsche 959. You never forget a car that special, or that fast. Or doing 160 mph with one gear to go ...


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Pit Crew

Who said the 959 wasn't beautiful

New Driver

In 1997 I did a track event at Road Atlanta.  My track car was a 1982 narrow body 911SC with an '89 turbo motor that put out 360hp at the wheels.  It was a very fast car.  A F40 happened to be in my group that day.  I caught him, he waived me around and I drove away from him.  The F40 owner came over in the pits to comment that I had a fast car.  After talking about our track time a bit, he asked why my 911 was sitting there idling.  I told him that I wanted the turbo to cool down so I wouldn't coke the turbo bearings.  He replied that he just shut his off after a session and wasn't concerned as his mechanics could use the work.   He was obviously at a different income level from me!!!