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Harley-Davidson wants to balance your motorcycle for you

Using the words innovation and iconically consistent Harley-Davidson in the same sentence usually means you're listening to a joke or some type of jab at the 117-year-old company. However, recent patent filings from the Milwaukee V-twin king show that Harley has a new idea for keeping its brand on the straight and narrow—but could it really work?


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I disagree to a point about the use of an add-on gyroscope for an experienced rider. My leg was removed traumatically above the knee in a hit and run. With a prosthesis on, I can ride long distances easily. But situations where stopping is required is a trick. I can use both legs to keep the bike straight up, but I cannot stop my prosthesis from bending at the knee if the bike happens to bear left even just a little. I rode a beautiful Can-Am touring trike many miles around the Country, but it didn’t give me the same sensation as being on two wheels. I couldn’t lean. So I started riding a Twin Cam Softail. I cried at times on my first ride going from upstate Arkansas to South Louisiana because the joy was overwhelming. There are different gadgets to help a bike stay up while stopped, but most will trip the bike at times. I own several American & British motorcycles. A small gyroscope sounds like a great device for me. There are so many lifelong riders with high skill levels in the world with varying degrees of mobility. They shouldn’t have to stop just because of it. 

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