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Hagerty Employee

Hard charging in Bentley's $2M Blower continuation car | Hagerty Media

Imagine the meeting at Bentley when the question arose of how to teach a select group of automotive journalists to drive the prototype £1.5M ($2.08M) Blower continuation car. "Why not put them in the £25M original?" someone must have suggested. And apparently no one disagreed.
Hagerty Employee

love the pictures and the step-by-step driving experience. surreal... these things are so cool.
Intermediate Driver

The mechanical nature of older cars and motorcycles is what attracts me to the experience. Sure that dual clutch paddle flapping transmission is faster than a traditional manual. Yay. When I head out for my normal sports car loop drive on the weekend, I may be having fun powering out of corners, or accelerating on back straightaway from a stop sign, but I am nowhere near testing any limits. I remember driving a friends Sprite with the non-synchro first gear. I can appreciate the mental gear changes needed to negotiate a full non-synchro gear set. I wish I had the means to add one of these to the sports car lineup for my weekend drive. What a hoot! These may be fast cars, but for me, they still slot more into the "Slow cars are more fun to drive fast, then fast cars are driving slow" category of vehicles. Driving one of these at 9/10ths is probably all the excitement the average anybody needs.

Impressive amount of camber there.
Intermediate Driver

Wow your description of the drive in the first car sounded very much like my first drive in my Model A.
Well except for the acceleration part. 🙂
Intermediate Driver

Wow. So many modern drivers seem to know nothing more than, "this pedal makes it go faster, that pedal makes it slow down." Thank you for this glimpse of history.

Completely understand the self doubt that crept in driving the original. I know I would feel much more comfortable in the “new” one.

Simply wow!!

Farmed out to friends of my grandparents in rural Sussex at age 9, in summer of 1972, while my parents were divorcing (thanks largely to my mother’s pursuit of the Age of Aquarius), I encountered a Blower Bentley in the flesh — their son-in-law had one. I had no idea what it was but it made a great impression on me. It was just huge. It was like riding in a truck, a very fast one. I had read something about the great Jensen Interceptor FF and was hugely gratified to see one of those up close, launching an obsession with 4WD/AWD cars, and I saw and rode in a variety of other great vehicles that summer — including a Rover P2000, a Morris Minor, and a double-decker bus — but the Blower was, in retrospect, the automotive highlight of my childhood... if only I had known it!

Hagerty Employee

what a memory!


What, no mention of this being James Bond's original ride of choice? It would be fun to see a continuation car in a Bond sequel. Cool car and good article. Wish I had the funds to indulge.