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Hagerty Employee

Happiness (and misery) is a stick-shift Mercury Milan | Hagerty Media

"Are you still interested in the Milan?" Wait... when did I say I was interested in the Milan? Come to think of it, when did I say that I was interested in any Milan? I took a second look at the sender of the email I was reading.
New Driver

Before you go to the expense of a new engine and transmission, try replacing the PCV valve to fix the oil consumption issue. Really? Yes, really.
I bought a 2008 Milan Premier with the manual transmission, and was enjoying it when I noticed it was using about a hlaf quart of oil every 300-400 miles. Ouch.
Online, I looked for answers and one suggestion was the PCV valve, which if bad, can suck oil into the engine. But why wouldn't have this been done before? Because one has to remove the entire intake manifold, fuel rail, etc, to get to the PCV valve. Difficult at home, and about $650 at a shop. But it worked. No more oil consumption, and mileage up to 31mpg at 70. Nice.
Intermediate Driver

As a recent convert to your particular view on the automotive world (I actually bought the 124 Spider instead of the Miata on purpose, THEN found your column), I now find my mind blown that you owned a 5-speed Milan, just like me. Well, actually I had a 5-speed 2008 Fusion SEL with the Sport Appearance Package. So it had (as you well know) the better suspension as well as the frou-frou. Aside from the leaky valve-cover gasket at 60k miles (!) and having to replace the oil filter housing after the Carmax tech distorted it into slag with too much torque, I out over 100,000 miles of fun-ish, carefree driving , enjoying all the benefits you so eloquently described. Minus the funky smells and panel distortion. But, wait! There's more! In 2019, I bought a 2010 Milan Premier V6 AWD and did another 60k before the aforementioned 124 Spider. You hit the nail- perfect size, perfect manners, decent mileage (even with the flex-fuel V6). Oh, and surprisingly, the 2013-up car is actually the same size. It just feels like a Crown Vic in comparison. Owned plenty of those, too.