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Hands off at 250 mph-the life of a Bugatti test driver

Andy Wallace and Pierre-Henri Raphanel are Bugatti's power couple. Their relationship goes back almost 40 years, to when they were rivals in Formula Three in the 1980s before sharing a Toyota at Le Mans in 1993, and they have been paired at the French hypercar manufacturer since 2011.

While it may not sound that on the edge on a test track just 1 thing needs to go wrong and it is over.

I knew John Lingenfelter and he told me when he took the Sledgehammer street legal Corvette to near 270 mph and his own turbo to 230 mph that one tire letting go and they will pick you up in small bags.

These cars can go fast but they are not like race cars crashed at high speeds to make the driver safe.

These are some brave men.


Keep in mind crashing at 300 mph is not 2x as bad as 150 mph. Forces multiply faster with weight and velocity. 


300mph is an amazing achievement. The forces at play are just so stressful to everything. It is amazing it doesn't spin itself apart at the wheels.