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Hagerty’s Dawn Patrol 2020 awards hats, breaks Internet

Well, that escalated quickly.


For years now, connoisseurs from around the globe have prized Hagerty’s “Dawn Patrol” hats distributed during one particular morning of the Pebble Beach Concours. You can’t buy one; you can only earn it by showing up at the right place and the right time. This year, with the concours on hiatus, we decided to get our growing group of commenters and contributors at in on the action. The challenge was simple: get your classic or collector vehicle out on the road yesterday morning before the dawn, and prove it to us via a photo in the Hagerty Community. We didn’t promote it heavily and we didn’t make a big deal of the event. How many people would participate? We figured it would be a few dozen. Maybe a hundred.


Boy, were we wrong about that ... Read the full article on

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Oh no,, my alarm didn't go off, the power went out, I had a leg cramp, I had to walk the dog, and the neighbor's cat, .....I forgot. 

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