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Hagerty Employee

GTO Engineering's Ferrari 250 GT SWB "Revival" is so much more than a replica

The road cleared at the edge of the village and ran drunkenly towards the horizon. ‘This,’ thought the driver, ‘is my moment.’ In one strong and certain movement he thrust the slender alloy lever forward, expertly nudging the throttle with the well-worn edge of a tasseled loafer, hearing Gioacchino Colombo’s V-12 respond with a crisp bark and, then, that unmistakable Maranello shriek as his foot reapplied the power and, this time, stayed there. The short-wheelbase 250 paused only briefly as it sat down at the back and sniffed the air with its nose of unparalleled beauty. And then it lunged.


Please forgive the gentle pastiche but if you’ve been lucky enough to have spent a day roaming around such roads in a car that looks, sounds, feels, goes and smells like an original Ferrari 250 GT SWB, it’s quite hard when you sit down to write about it not to descend into that style of overdramatic (and doubtless rather hackneyed) prose. It is a car in which dreams are made real in your head, which is probably where they should stay.


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Intermediate Driver

Just another reason for my weekly $2 investment in the mega millions lottery...

Intermediate Driver

If you cannot afford the real thing, then this is the way to go. Beautiful replica and a thousand times better than a "Fake Snake" Cobra in every respect.
Pit Crew

Unfortunately my budget does not extend anywhere near the level to purchase one of these things but even if it did I don't think I could buy one and not feel dirty. Somehow Cobra replicas seem ok to me but full on recreations and continuation cars creep me out.

Intermediate Driver

The lottery would be my only ticket to  this  car, in the meantime I'll just pretend with my Miata MX5

Pit Crew

The reading did not mention it but from the picture I am assuming fiberglass body? If so that is my only disappointment.



Beautiful car, although the idea of replica or continuation cars can usually be counted on to raise a bit of controversy.


With one exception, I have no problem with replica,recreation or continuation cars. They should be used and enjoyed for what they are. As the article points out replicas can make cars from the price stratosphere more accessible and usable than the real thing.

In automotive terms, nothing would make me happier than to have a continuation or a good quality replica GT40, or perhaps an XK-SS, take up residence in my garage. I don't see it happening, but I would rather have something like that than a new supercar that needs a bevy of electro-nannies to stay on the road and doesn't even have an optional clutch pedal.


I did mention one exception. The exception is that there should never, under any circumstances, be a replica of anything built by the defunct English marque Alvis. After all, what self-respecting gearhead would be seen driving round in an Alvis Impersonator?  

Hagerty Employee

i think the point about usability is a big one. No concern about losing a piece of history to some unforeseen calamity.

Would it be road legal in California?,Bellissima macchina!!! I'll play the lottery tonight. Veramente spettacolare.