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Group B cars are going wild at the 2021 Paris auctions | Hagerty Media

In February 2020, we reported (in person!) on the three Paris auctions. Oh, what fun it was. The annual festivities surrounding the Rétromobile Show were in full swing with huge crowds, vendors as far as the eye could see, and not a mask in sight.

Another example of "Now I got it! what to do with it?"
What do you do with an ex-racecar? Do you store it in your barn, is it for a museum?
I almost bought a Firehawk Race car several years back, around Y2K, it would not have been able to be driven on the roads.. But it was a true 1992 Firebird Firehawk, It was $15K then, I bet it would be worth about 45K today, but I did not see the want for something that I could not drive.
Unless you are planning on doing some group B racing.

You Missed the boat on that Firebird Firehawk. It was Completely street Legal, Barely as some would say but nonetheless, it was built by SLP "Street LEGAL Performance". You certainly could drive it anywhere you wanted albeit carefully.

You do not understand, it was not one of the 25 numbered cars (I know they go from 1-27, but two were not built)  It was a full blown race car, at the time it had a big number "86" on the side, it then went to a number "6"  It had a full roll cage, and no VIN. 
It would not have been street legal,  I wish, I would have picked it up.   I was tempted to buy another car, swap VINS but that is a tad illegal.


I also looked at purchasing #1 or #26, #26 went to Sam, then to Greg, and now in someone else's hands.    I saw #1 a few years later at the Trans Am Nationals, but that was the last time I saw it. 

Intermediate Driver

They might be collectable, but they sure are ugly. I'll keep investing in cars I like to look at.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that being said I agree 100%

The RS200 is actually a very attractive car when not decked out in race livery. For me, the homologation models sold to the public are better looking by far, not to mention that you can license and drive one on the street ... at least in Europe!


Ugly and their moms dressed them funny.

the Lancia would B the 1 of interest 4 me, even tho a 'ford guy'. Some of its varied models ( Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione II ) can B quite awesome...

CRAZY $$$. But people have $$$$$$ to throw away so let them do it! And it made sense for sellers to offer the cars for sale in Europe since rallying is much more popular there than in the states!
Pit Crew

Turns the expression "if only I had the money", into a moot point. I don't see the value here?