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Hagerty Employee

Grounded in the present, this artist builds his hot rods with an eye to the past

When I was really young, my dad built a ’29 Ford with a Merc flathead out in the garage. He always seemed to have Tri-Five Chevys around, too. Growing up in Los Angeles, you see all kinds of cars, and the first time I saw one with a chopped top, I knew that’s what I wanted. Then I learned that a lot of that stuff—the methods and techniques for building cars—came out of L.A., so it meant even more to me. The Barris Brothers, the Ayala Brothers, all the custom and lowrider stuff, I loved all of it ... Read the full article on


Pit Crew

MORE MORE MORE! Love the old American stuff! Got no use for foreign cars. Got to get back to the 30's - 50's to get my attention.


I wish these guys would stop chopping up vintage cars. Soon there won't be any originals left and no one will even know what they look like.

New Driver

I love the old school customizing it took vision and pride, give me 40's and 50's any day

Intermediate Driver

A '54 Chevy is so bulky.  Yours, especially in the rear, looks so sleek and completely different.  I love it.

Advanced Driver

Nicely done on the Packard grille installation. 

Advanced Driver

Whether, like me, you veer to largely stock vintage road cars, luxe or not, old sports cars, or like Coulter Jacobs,  rods, kustoms,  his concluding four sentences better sum what it's all about better than anything i've read, and he's an entire generation younger'n i.  

 Meanwhile, i didn't realize his '37 is unfinished 'til i reread his story.  Primer, machine, battleship gray,  or "elephant's breath gray" as Ian Fleming described an old Bentley in one of his  comic books,  it's a lovely,  softly elegant hue as it is.  Don't add or change a thing.  Don't even clear coat it.