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Hagerty Employee

Great Race 2021: The Green Dragon rides again | Hagerty Media

I try my darnedest to pick out the blue 1932 Ford on the horizon. Both my navigator Brett and I know the coupe is just about to crest the hill, and this is likely the last chance for us and the 1917 Peerless to close the distance between us and the expert driver and navigator in the Ford.

What a grand adventure this must be! The only thing missing is Professor Fate and Max.
Intermediate Driver

I read this with great interest as my wife was the first registrar of the Great Race in 1983. The event started in southern California to Indy, if I remember correctly. She worked nights in the Interstate Battery offices after spending all day at her regular job for several weeks before the event, then we flew to San Diego for the start. Does anyone remember the chain driven fire truck that ran in the early years?