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Grab the most expensive and elegant Dodge Viper on the planet

Zagato works in curious ways, having gone from being one of the wildest Italian coachbuilders to making body kits for Toyota SUVs and helping out Aston Martin whenever it needed a special edition. Recently, Zagato's even licensed its brand to aftermarket engineering firms like England's R-Reforge. However, back in 2010, German collector Martin Kapp commissioned Andrea Zagato's team to come up with a homage to Alfa Romeo's 1963 TZ1 and 1965 TZ2 pair, celebrating the brand's centenary with an 8C-based, V-8 one-off called the TZ3 Corsa.


Three years later, Zagato presented the Stradale version, an edition of nine street cars based on the mighty Dodge Viper ACR-X. I saw the prototype of this carbon-bodied Viper-Alfa at the 2013 Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este and found it to be rather brilliant. Zagato did well with the Viper's front-mid-engine proportions, adding sexy curves plus a Kammback and double-bubble roof to that mad V-10 package with the six-speed manual.


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Intriguing to be sure, maybe even amazing, but I don't understand why it has Alfa Romeo badging.