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Hagerty Employee

Got a car design question? Our industry insider has your answer!

Hopefully my series of articles has given you a general idea of what goes on inside the members-only area of the design studio at a car company. After all we discussed what makes good car design, how they are designed, who does what in the studio, how 2-D turns into 3-D, design realization, and even discussed what you need to become a car designer.

Do you feel that once EV models get more efficient that we may see the styling get as little more interesting and sacrifice a little Aero Count for styling.

I mean if they get a battery that can get 600 miles will we see cars again like we once had where they were styled for style not miles or MPG.

My gut tells me they while we will lose the engines we may gain some styling back.

Knowing that automotive design studios typically start with multiple concepts by multiple designers, what it is like when your design is not chosen? Is it a blow to the ego or do you just have to accept it and move on? It seems to me that it would be bitterly disappointing.
New Driver

I am trying to find and sponsor a young person needing a career in a position where they can make computerized graphic changes to an existing vehicle. I was able to get someone to help me to do this for my 57 Chevy, they used Photoshop. What software would recommend for the person I want to sponsor?

I'm not in the design field but I do have 'some' background... It all depends on what you mean by 'graphics'


If you are talking strictly modifying 2D images, Photoshop is probably your best bet. If you are talking 3D imaging for production purposes, 3D modeling like ProE, AutoCAD, etc. is the direction you probably need to go, but software is expensive, and you are going to need a 3D model of the original car - which may be tricky to come by


If by 'graphics' you mean something along the lines of vinyl decals applied to the vehicles - I would reach out to someone in the printing/sign making world


I'll answer this one here; as TG said it all depends what you want to do.
If you're looking to do a custom job on your '57, you would want someone proficient in Photoshop to come up with some proposals. Ideally these could then be modelled in 3D in Autodesk Alias to create data that could be used to make the parts required.
If you're looking to create graphics, such as stripes, decals, flames etc, a graphic designer proficient in a vector based program like Adobe Illustrator would be your best bet.
Shoot me an email if you want me to elaborate!
Pit Crew

Why can't the exterior surface of vehicles be made of a material that converts sunlight to produce sufficient energy to run the vehicle?

I'm not really an expert and in no way am I speaking for Adrian but there's just not that much energy in the light that a car absorbs. It would certainly contribute something to an EV that spent the bulk of its time parked in bright sun but it would be negligible. Never enough to support driving the car every day,
New Driver

I have always wondered about rear spoilers as an add-on extra on cars. Do these devices actually do anything for handling/performance on the street, or are they an extra cost profit item for the manufacturer? Thanks.
I’ll hang up and listen to your reply.

what is the ratio of qualified applicants to positions? aka does one have better odds of being an NFL quarterback?

If I built a gas powered car as light as we are building current realistic EVs, what kind of fuel mileage would it get, and how does this compare to overall (including generation efficiency, line loss, etc) EV efficiency

One more which may be more in your wheelhouse... is it aerodynamics, cost, regulatory requirements, or poor taste of average consumers that make most modern cars so bland looking?

I'll take a guess at this one: yes, all of the above.

Thanks for all your questions so far, these are exactly the sort of thing we're looking for!

Do designers have any influence over paint color?

Are today’s bland colors just a reflection of today’s culture, everyone trying to be thought of as being part of a perceived cool clique, afraid to step out from the herd?


Intermediate Driver

Why do just about all crossover SUV's look the same no matter what make? The humped up back ends look ridiculous. They all also remind me of a cricket (insect, not car) with that goofy looking brow over the back glass. It is sure not to help keep the back clean. My daughter's 2019 Jeep Compass gets filthy back there, especially on gravel roads!

I note with interest that our own glossary of automotive terms (on this site) has no definition of a Crossover SUV (aka CUV), let alone the general category of SUV.  I'm curious as to why we even have to invent new terminology (especially if we can't even define it 🙄).  To me, a CUV is just a small station wagon.