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Hagerty Employee

Gordon Murray teases 12,000-rpm V-12 for upcoming McLaren F1 successor

Gordon Murray, the man behind the legendary McLaren F1, is working on a new V-12 supercar that harnesses naturally aspirated V-12 power and promises thrilling driver engagement. Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) won’t premiere its T.50 supercar until August 4. In the meantime, however, GMA gave us all plenty to whet our appetite by dropping lots of specs on the Cosworth GMA V-12 engine that will power the new supercar.


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Hagerty Employee

at a time when V-12s are all but gone, this car is going to be truly special. can't wait to see it


Naturally aspirated!  You can actually see the engine!  And...most importantly...(a drumroll please)... a MANUAL TRANSMISSION!!!  Goodness me!  Hallelujah!  Gordon Murray is my hero!  

How in the world do I convince the wife that it makes complete sense to buy one?  

New Driver

Cosworth is also building Aston Martin’s Valhalla naturally aspirated engine. The 11,200 rpm redline, 6.5L V12 generates 1,000 hp (plus another 160 hp from a KERS-type elec system) and 663 ft/lb of torque in a car weighing a tic over 1,000 kg - the magic 1hp/kg ratio. McLaren may not necessarily be breaking new ground, but it is a somewhat different approach. At that performance level, the fully manual trany is for sure. 

New Driver

I could do without that afterburner contraption on the aft end.

New Driver

I have an Akita who's northbound south end looks just like that.