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Hagerty Employee

Gordon Murray's T.50s track special honors Niki Lauda, shaves 295 pounds, costs $4.36M | Hagerty Media

Expectations are high for Gordon Murray Automotive's V-12 powered T.50, which promises to be a monument to analog supercars like the McLaren F1. Of course, it wouldn't be a world-beating speed machine without a dedicated track variant, and GMA is obliging with the even more extreme T.50s Niki Lauda.

Lauda shifted his F1 cars manually, this one should have 3 pedals.
Pit Crew

Truly a jumbled mess of lines, panels and tack-on bits. Disappointing, and the car is not very attractive either.
Hagerty Fan
Not applicable

What's with the fan and down force? Is this fan powered to lift air out from under the car? How does it work?
Community Manager

That's basically it! It's nothing new, as Chaparral did a similar thing years ago: 

Pit Crew

Gavin, Good article except, you are probably to young to know about Jim Hall and Chaparral Cars, but I would have thought someone at Hagerty who read your article would have let you know that Murray wasn't the first to use the fans for downforce, as your article leads you to believe. I think it is a cool, maybe the first, idea for a road going track car. Check out the 2J