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Hagerty Employee

Goodwood on silver halide: Why I'm now a film-camera convert

I bring the camera down from my face and, for the umpteenth time today, take a look at the back, expecting to see ... well, something. Anything. Muscle memory is a powerful habit, as it turns out.
Intermediate Driver

I have Canon and Olympus rangefinders, as well as a Fuji mirrorless digital with a bunch of lenses.What I find myself using most of all, though, is an older Fuji X100S digital "rangefinder". It's not really a rangefinder but operates like one, has a fast 35mm equivalent lens, and demands involvement to get the best out of it. looking similar to an M3 Leica doesn't hurt either. Fits in rather well at vintage events.
Advanced Driver

Not that long ago I used my late father's Argus model C and his much newer Konica SLR to shoot a Chrysler press event for one of the Hellcats. The Argus was the first popular 35mm camera sold in America and you have to manually **bleep** the shutter and advance the film. As the shutter **bleep** is right where I had gotten used to holding SLRs and DLSRs, I ended up getting motion blur from the **bleep** hitting my hand. Other errors were double exposures for forgetting to advance film and non exposure for skipping past a stop. I was just experimenting so I used a roll of very old film. For the Konica, RiteAid still sells 35mm film, made by Fuji, and Woodward Camera has a Fuji processor. Those shots came out beautifully. Maybe it's becaue I'm used to chemical photography but the colors seemed more vibrant and real than with digital.

I still have my old Nikon that is great for on track shots. I can really get the speed in the photo.

But otherwise my latest Apple Phone can capture great shots snd effects and shot tons of images and just delete what fails.
Pit Crew

One of my first cameras was a 35RC that I still have. I also have a Minolta X700. I thought they were worthless, but looking on the internet apparently they're still desirable. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Aaah, film...
I was a professional photographer for about 25 years, nearly all of it with film.
I processed and printed 80+ percent of it; from 35mm to 4"x5" sheet film. I still miss it and actually dream about it.

The Zuiko lenses on Olympus cameras were extremely high quality, rivalling Leitz and Zeiss lenses.

Great photos! Keep up the film use.
If anything, it might make anyone take a bit more time before pressing the shutter.
New Driver

One surprise for old film camera buffs that I found of late, is that most U.S. Film Processors do not return negatives with the processed photos from film. If you want to use the film negative to do other (non-digital) developing, enlarging, or processing, be sure to check if your film developer will return the negatives after processing BEFORE giving them the film that you shot.