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Hagerty Employee

Good deeds come in twos, and sometimes so do BMWs

Back in May, I received two emails that were so similar I initially thought they were duplicates. Both were from men who told me about a woman friend of theirs whose 2002-owning husband had passed away, and they each asked if I could help the woman sell the car.
Advanced Driver

Well, it looks nice with the Stock rims. But I must be "out of fashion", 'cause I like those bottle cap alloys also.

you can look in the mirror and see a good person.
Intermediate Driver

Siegel, you're a "menshe." Nice going.

Nice job on the directional switch repair Rob! Of course, I know you didn't "unbend" any more tabs (the two that appear broken?) than necessary to free the bakelite plate. And even when they do break there are always alternative methods to hold a device closed. We should hold a clinic.
Pit Crew

Good man, Rob!
New Driver

You are a good man Rob! I look forward to all your stories. Thank you for being you!
Intermediate Driver

Rob, since you are such an expert at getting 50-year-old electrical switches working, where can I send the handlebar light and turn signal switches for my 1977 R75/7? Just be warned, BBs and very small springs are involved!
New Driver

You lost me with the donation to "planned parenthood", why inject an incendiary subject like that into an otherwise innocuous and easy & entertaining read as this. The only thing I can come up with is that it was done on purpose. Unfortunate, otherwise I enjoyed this.

Glad your with us, Joe
Pit Crew

That’s quite the accusation you’re making there. I thought his donation to Planned Parenthood was a very nice gesture.
Intermediate Driver

Rob, wonderful writeup of two very nice acts of kindness. However your sence of obligation to the UniParty was soaked in irony in that you asked these nice ladys ot make a donation to an abortionist in the name of your mother, guess you are lucky your mom did not visit Planned Parenthood 60 years ago... Other then that it was a great story.