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Hagerty Employee

Gold Rush! Dodge gleefully gilds the 2021 Challenger

Yukon Cornelius is gonna love this. Gold Rush paint is back! That’s happy holiday news whether you’re a fan of the Dodge Challenger or the animated classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer—or both.


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Instead of endless option reconfigs and color shuffles, how about training your dealers the ability to fix the damn things?


During the first 271 days of ownership, my 2018 Challenger was in 2 different Dodge dealership’s shops in an attempt to fix an intermittent power steering failure for a total of 103 days. Yes....over one hundred days. And they still couldn’t find the cause of the issue, which turned out to be a bent pin in a Canbus connector.....discovered by yours truly. 

Thanks to said inept dealership product support and the overall increasing of automotive complexity I have pretty much purchased my last new car ever.


Thanks FCA!