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Going, going, gone! The oral history of the most monumental classic car sale of all time (Part I) | Hagerty Media

Note: This is the first story in a multi-part series running on Hagerty Insider . You can read part II here. Sign up for the Insider newsletter to get a deep dive into the collector car market every Sunday.]
New Driver

Regarding "Going, going, gone! The Oral History .....Part 1" by Ken Gross, 5/21 : A small correction about Mr Harrah's cause of death, "Neural hemorrhage" - this is not a valid term/diagnosis. I have heard various explanations, e.g. cancer, abdominal aortic aneurysm, cranial artery hemorrhage, and others. Perhaps the true cause is not known, or the family does not wish it to be public (which is often the case). I do not want to nitpick Mr Gross, for whom medicine is not his area of expertise, but I suggest this be changed.
Sincerely, Gregory V Camp MD(Retired), Portland, Oregon

I recall as a kid my father talking of this collection. He was based at Stead when it was an air base. He loved his time in Reno.

He had been in to see some of the collection at some point and it really impressed him and he was not really a car guy.

I was able to get to Reno. One day before I had to work Hot August Nights I spent the morning with what is left of the collection in the museum there. It was sad that on this Hot Rod week in Reno I was about the only one there. We were lucky they saved what they did as it is still a very impressive collection.