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Go with the Gallo 24 and bid on a Fast & Furious Supra driven by Paul Walker | Hagerty Media

Like just about every car-centric movie from the past 50 years, the Fast and Furious films are filled with cheesy lines, fatuous jargon, and absolutely impossible physics. In the most memorable of those car-centric films from decades past, whether it's Two-Lane Blacktop or Smokey & The Bandit, a signature car managed to steal lots of the best scenes.

I love the old 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th gen Supras.  I own a 4th Gen Supra Turbo and love it. Having said that I have always hated the F&F orange Supra with it's terrible graphics, park bench spoiler and other questionable modifications. I realize it is helping to drive my cars value up, but Lord I hate that car, it's just so fugly. The one in the video that went for $185k was a non-turbo model. You can tell by the way the intake manifold runs over the engine that it's a 2JZ-GE, not GTE model. They didn't show the car for sale with it's hood open but I looked at the auction page and it is a turbo. Some of the movie cars are legit turbos and some are not. Either way they are as ugly as can be.