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Hagerty Employee

GM to supply partners: Hold your horsepower

In response to the current pandemic, GM’s executive director in charge of program management, Michelle Braun, recently issued a blanket order pausing all future car and truck development—including for the Corvette. Industry leakage dropped this document in our editorial laps. Read the full article on


Almost everything I get to read from Hagerty is high horsepower, exotic, low or special production.  Listen up- there are lots of us who have classic US vintage machinery and we like them for what they are.  Not how fast 0 - whatever.  

Intermediate Driver

I believe that the high horsepower expectations are usually about creating the right base numbers for potential racing homologation. If you are going to road race against Ferrari or Mercedes, then the numbers have to equal or better the competition in even the base form. The C8 Corvettes biggest issue (from my perspective) is that it is fundamentally a terrible design. Nothing about the C8 body design looks cohesive and well thought through. Automotive is not. So, if I were Corvette, before I would worry about the HP numbers I would spend the time and energy designing a car that looks fantastic and that people want to be seen driving.


All I get from Hagerty is high horsepower, exotic, low production speedsters.  There are lots like me that enjoy our our old US regular production


I am pretty skeptical of these power numbers, but if they are true that would shape the Corvette to be a serious machine. 

Pit Crew

these super high horsepower C8s will be difficult to insure...the first time a rich dude, with no common sense, plugs his high horsepower C8 into the side of a family van...the high horsepower option will be restricted to "track only" just like the '67 L88 was...sold to known racers only...once past the 500HP mark do you really need more?

Pit Crew

I agree, except I would substitute "once past the 300 hp mark..."


I often say, "I've never been *that* late for anything."


Nothing really new.  The Corvette Action Center reported on this almost three years ago:



Hi Don,

in Australia we are hearing conflicting reports on the status of if the RHD C8 will come at all?  If the C8 will come direct in RHD form direct from states? Or will it be converted by HSV ( soon to be GMSV), I have tried contacting HSV, Bowling Green, Walkinshaw etc with no positive news. There are many corvette lovers in Aust who want to place orders and to be frank are sick of being kept in the dark! Most of them are talking about buying something else. If you have heard of anything that may help in anyway would be greatly appreciated, or if you know of anyone else who may be able to assist in clearing this up.