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Hagerty Employee

GM rumored to be considering a Corvette SUV | Hagerty Media

While we're still confident that the shadowy vehicle in GM's recent keynote presentation was not a Corvette SUV, a recent report from suggests that such a vehicle may be closer to reality than we hoped thought.
Intermediate Driver

No...just no.
As for Cadillac, they are the worst teases in the world, make gorgeous show cars but then don't put them into production.
Intermediate Driver

Does it matter any more?

It should.
Pit Crew

Ok, you know what? I’m actually kind Ok with this. Bring on the SUVs, bring on electric SUVs. Heck, let the marketing “gurus” suck out whatever brand equity is left in cars like Corvette, and Mustang. On one condition—- take care of the enthusiasts, continue to make sports cars—manual ones, fun to drive ones. Let the mainstream cars subsidize the little pleasure we enthusiasts have left in this world—don’t give up on the sports car!

The Porsche Cayenne has a very reasonable price and has been a big sales success. No way General Motors would want to copy a business model like that.
Intermediate Driver

The more GM goes off in different directions with Corvette seeking sales the more my long hood front engine two seat C4 coupe looks like a Corvette.
Pit Crew

Get out...

Lol. But seriously.. this is a terrible Idea. Just because Ford had to ruin the Mustang name in hopes for EV sales and a trend moving towards the future of auto (I understand we need to move in that direction) doesn't mean it's alright to join the party. 5 years from now someone will pull up in a mini van, and hop out with a "Corvette" key fob. "Yeah I drive a corvette". No - no you do not.

Good GRIEF! Wasn’t the Escalade monstrosity enough of an insult? Must EVERYTHING be an SUV? Maybe a svelte wagon style, like the Volvo 1800ES, but seriously; NO SUV!
Intermediate Driver

Not a good idea GM. If you think you need a SUV version of a Corvette, how about basing it off the 1953 Corvette Nomad?
You could start with a base 6 cylinder, upgraded versions of V-8's, and if you need to follow the trend, an electric version. You'd have room for 5, all the bells and whistles, and you could offer it in a AWD or RWD version.
But better yet, leave well enough alone. You finally gave us a mid-engine supercar without the supercar price tag.
Intermediate Driver

What an utterly sacrilegious idea !!!