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GM promises to be all-electric in the U.S by 2035 | Hagerty Media

General Motors announced today that it plans to be carbon neutral by 2040 and that it will, "eliminate tailpipe emissions from new light-duty vehicles by 2035." Spearheading that goal is the introduction of 30 all-electric models over the next five years, along with a commitment to invest $27 billion in electric and autonomous vehicles over the same time.
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Let's be realistic. GM has - and continues to be - poorly managed. How many bankruptcies are we technically at with these folks? The current leadership is horrendous - can anybody point to one even "mediocre" success that you could attribute to this C-suite? Furthermore, unless I am misreading the annual reports for the last 5 years, a big chunk of GMs sales are in countries where EVs will NOT be ready to go mainstream in 14 years. Or twenty years. Or twenty five years. So throw in the loss of multiple overseas segments and markets, consider that companies like Toyota are not going EV-only (they may not even buy into EV as the way forward, they have a couple other technologies they like) and exacerbate the EV charging issue for folks that rent and or don't have a garage, and finally, consider that electricity is not cheap - in many places in the USA it costs more than 87 unleaded, and this will be a colossal cluster. Start shorting the stock now lol
Pit Crew

In 2017, I purchased a new loaded 50mph Hyundai Ioniq hybrid for my everyday car. I have plenty of restored classic Mopar, Chevy and Ford muscle cars that get 10-13MPG. So, I thought to do the world and me a favor by driving a hybrid. Not so the State of Washington, beginning a couple of years ago charges an additional $75 each year to the already high annual vehicle registration for hybrid and electric cars. The state loses a lot of Gas/Diesel tax on these cars. Therefore, making up more than the difference with a tax on being environment conscious!

The taxes on these future GM and others' electric cars and truck will be staggering!
Pit Crew

Sorry... 50MPG! the Ioniq is actually amazingly fast and quick...2.5 seconds quicker than a Prius 0-60mph...

The gas taxes are supposed to pay for road upkeep. Why wouldn't those using other fuels have to pay for the roads they use, also? I remember during the embargo when you couldn't get gas sometimes and enterprising peeps were filling their Diesel VW Rabbits from the home heating oil tanks. I also remember about them getting huge fines and threats of incarceration for "evading lawful motor vehicle taxes". Nothing personal, but anything on the road should bear the cost of upkeep, not get a pass because they bought a "special car" that weighs as much as a similar one. 

Intermediate Driver

Intermediate Driver

Environmental concerns of coal are contrived??? I think your politics are getting in the way of your judgement...

Nonsense. The designs are atrocious, the cars will be outrageous in cost, driven by functional illiterates, with zero character and impossible to repair. With an unrealistic goal for introduction.
Classic General Motors of which I am a second generation owner and now would not go near them
now and I can easily afford to do so. And yes, I have had a '66 Toronado which was fabulous and
several other GM products from the old days when they were making cars, not computers.
The whole thing is very irritating. And I haven't had my coffee yet.
New Driver

All of these academics who dream up these schemes need to get a dose of the real world.
Intermediate Driver

It actually looks kind of nice, although it reminds me somewhat of an older version they have had out before.
I just wonder if anyone will be able to afford it other than the "uber" wealthy. And that's not just for Cadillac, but for ALL the auto manufacturers that are going that route...
Intermediate Driver

I love this doublespeak. Will offset millions of tons of manufacturing emissions with carbon offsets. In other words their pipe dream is built upon buying off th
Intermediate Driver

.... buying off the Greenies with the increased cost of electric vehicles. They must think we all drink the Kool-Aide coming out of John Kerry's lying lips.
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Everyone will have their own opinion on all of this, so here are my own two cents.
I have had a life long love of cars and racing cars, but I don't believe that in the long run they are going to play a major roll in transportation for the vast majority of the population.
I also believe electric powered vehicles (in hindsight) will be a momentary blip in automotive evolution. It is currently the best (most efficient as well as serviceable) option that we have, and so automakers as well as those interested in addressing the climate change issues are willing to go all in. The many resultant issues/costs associated with electric vehicles have already been discussed...they will come and they will go, and the same will happen for ICU powered vehicles. We shouldn't take any of it personally, it's just all part of any technical evolution.
Most car companies around the world are run by bean counters, and the reality that cost of production of electric cars is less than ICU vehicles is a good one, and the bean counters love that. And ultimately, they will also go in the direction that the 'people' as well as the policy makers want them go. Anything else would be the end of their ability to make money for their stakeholders.
The reality is that the vast majority of young people now growing up around the world could care less about owning a vehicle (most cannot afford all of the associated costs let alone have a place to park one) and will probably never even own their own home either. The economics of a world with a population of 7.5 billion people (growing logarithmically) just cannot support the kind of personal/individual economic growth that can support equal access to wealth for the vast majority of people on the planet (that is not a political statement, but what I believe to simply be a fundamental truth) and such fundamental truths will always drive industry.
I believe that hydrogen will ultimately be the way forward (for at least the next half century) for those who have any interest as well as the financial means to afford to own their own vehicles.
With hydrogen, at least the infrastructure to deliver the fuel will still be around (in say 10 years) in the form of existing gas/petrol stations and it would be a relatively easy evolution from the relatively efficient ICU technology that currently exists.
Unfortunately, we who really love our cars and are able to enjoy all of the freedom that they provide us...will eventually become a dying breed. Let's enjoy that freedom as long (and as responsibly) as we can. Change as well as evolution are inevitable...

One big problem with the population in the US is Paying Unwed Mothers to Have Children... Free food, health care, housing etc etc, just for having a kid. The answer is IF YA CAN'T FEED EM, YOU DON'T BREED EM and you don't ask Uncle Sugar to feed em either.  Watch the population growth slow.  And Stop the illegal immigration! We don't need anymore poor dumped onto our already struggling welfare system, any more than we need more Electric Guzzling electric vehicles Sucking from an already overtaxed Electric Grid!  IT'S ALL NUTS. 

Intermediate Driver

Not certain what immigration or the plight of unwed mothers has to do with automotive manufacturing trends, but to each their own.
I was referring to the overall population of the planet as the major issue influencing economies (local, national, as well as international), and therefore automotive buying trends as well as automotive manufacturing tendencies. Last time I checked, the planet does in fact extend far beyond U.S. borders (even for GM, Ford and Chrysler).
Borders don't really have anything to do with very much any longer, especially when referring to automotive manufacturing trends.
My point is...electric/hybrid is the way things are currently evolving for the automobile. It's not an evil plot or a conspiracy. It's simply a blip in the long term evolution of transportation.
I still contend that hydrogen will be the future in the longer term...not electric.
Advanced Driver

I'll believe it when I see it. I know GM is pretty proud of it's batteries, but I just watched a video about a 2000 mile drive, in the winter, in a Tesla. Battery range dropped 40% just because of the heater. 25 minutes to charge the battery to 90%.
This isn't about electric cars, this is about battery tech. Is there even that much market for electric vehicles? What happens if people don't buy them, does the government then legislate away your/mine IC car or truck? How is no one talking about all the mining for heavy metals? Isn't that environmentally damaging? Or do we just let China do the mining and pretend that we don't know that somewhere on our earth the world is being torn apart. And most engineers would tell you to use one energy to make another energy is horribly inefficient. The downstream job loss is going to be horrific. Electric cars take a multitude of less parts than their fossil fuel cousins and don't require nearly as much service. It's going to be incredibly fascinating to see how this all pans out.
New Driver

Barra & the Jetsons. Anybody remember the 1978 Oldsmobile Diesel or for that matter an Oldsmobile? GM canceled my diesel Toronado engine warranty before I had it paid off & was told by my dealer that its trade-in value was equivalent to its parts excluding the engine. Forget the Bolt anyone seen a Volt on the road lately?. Sorry I don’t take advice from GM, their friends in Central Planning or anyone else who can’t do a story problem.
Advanced Driver

That tells me that I bought my last GM. And with all the proposed taxes only the government can afford cars. I started reading "1984" again. Orwell wanted to write this as a communist warning, but the democrats are using it as an instruction manual. We are at the beginning folks, 1984 just started 10 days ago.
Intermediate Driver

This is why you never promote a book keeper to be the Chairman of Anything. There appears to be no actual car people in GM anymore, only bean counters.
Pit Crew

My goodness where do we start. Trying to force politically motivated electric cars onto a grid that can’t support it or requires enemies to supply it to us. I have NEVER had anyone answer what they do with the old batteries? How they catch fire spontaneously, how temperature sensitive they are and the list of issues go on not to mention nothing goes tax free right?? By the mile taxes, disposal of the battery fees, can we see where this is going? We have had a 100+ years to perfect the combustion engine with zero emission engines and a tax system already in place as well as oil which we have here if political figures would not get bought off from other countries to shut our drilling down. Why are we putting so much dependence on electricity while getting rid of ways to produce it? Why ad more cars pulling from a resource we dont have? Is driving going to be for the wealthy as well in the future?
Advanced Driver

A very interesting - and civil - conversation here, good points made from very different views. We could use a lot more of this these days.
Lots to think about and research.
Think I will take the Healey off the battery tender and drive down to the Shell station and fill 'er up.
Just in case.
Pit Crew

Don't ypu just love how all these PC people make decisions for all of us? What happened to let the market decide? If you really want less pollution, STOP all immigration to the US.
PS I can't stand this woman!

GREAT POINT!  If they were really worried about pollution, they would STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION NOW.  But instead, they keep them piling in, handing them free money and free housing, free medical, free money for every new welfare bundle they have, and it all results in MORE pollution. Just look at the photos of the trails of debris where they cross the border.  POLLUTION IS NOT THEIR PLAN.. CONTROL IS THEIR PLAN.. Short range electric vehicles to keep you close to the city to keep you under control.

Pit Crew

What's that sound? It's the sound of desperation of the hundreds of thousands of jobs lost in the auto and oil and gas industries?
Hey union members, thanks for voting democrat, you deserve all the pain you got coming!
New Driver

So we are trading 4 quarters for a dollar!
Journalist need to ask the questions to the Feds on this too.
According to the EIA.GOV website, in 2019 63% of power generated in the US is from "Fossil Fuels"!
So if we increase the load on power plants logic says we are going to need MORE fossil fuels, which most pollute more than cars do.
Pit Crew

Good points made by all, both for and against EVs. However, I have a more basic question for all of you: Do you actually believe that in the near future our Overlords will ALLOW us peasants to OWN personal transportation appliances and move about freely? I say nay, nay. You will live, work and DIE as a drone in your assigned work space and your job will be supplying goods and slave labor to the Matrix, which be controlled by the above mentioned Overlords. Now shut your gruel-holes and get back to work, peons!
Intermediate Driver

When I attended my grandson's 6th, "Cars"-themed birthday party and saw he and his friends all driving their electric-powered F150s and Jeeps and Beetles and ATRs, I could see the future of the automobile industry. It was obvious these kids were going to expect their vehicles to be electric with CVTs, and the notion of adding gasoline or shifting gears would be as foreign to them as driving a horse-drawn buggy is to us. GM is right to move in that direction... just not sure they can move fast enough. 😞
New Driver

I have been enjoying reading all the comments and different perspectives posted. Most have some value and validity as no one really has all the answers to where we are headed.

One thing troubling me is how will all the boats, mowers, generators, small planes, etc..,be powered. Boats & planes will not be able to handle the weight necessary to keep them going. So as multiple businesses work through what their future looks like, some new green companies will figure out a way to do it better. Too bad for the century old blue chips that built America , much like Sears, Kmart, GE, Ford,.....Walmart was the evil that was taking over the world, now it’s Amazon and online retailers. Hard to accept but the world changes!

California is in the process of banning natural gas from all new construction (San Francisco already has) , meaning that in the future all kitchen stoves, water heaters, heating and cooling systems etc. will have to be electric. But as it is we have to buy electricity from other states in the summer, along with having rotating deliberate outages, and the power shut off on windy days. And instead of building more generating stations we're tearing down existing hydroelectic dams and shutting down various other power stations. Build nuclear plants? Never, never, never gonna happen. I'm not against electric cars, I'm just saying that we can't have it both ways - we can't increase the demand for electricity and at the same time prohibit building new power plants. As one expert pointed out recently the big problem with electricity is that you can't store a useful amount of it. If the wind stops blowing (or blows too hard) or if the sun goes down, no power.

What a joke. GM doesn’t know who their customers are right now, but they know who they will be in 15 years.

New Driver

I rarely comment, but this is a pertinent subject and affords a lively debate. Many good comments, and I appreciate and thank our host, as many, like Yahoo, do not allow peasants to counter the going narrative.
For those awake enough and have noticed, the New Green Deal, Al Gore, and Greta Thunburg are all stooges of the New World Order. Green (think Watermelon, green on the outside and red on the inside) is being used to create big government in order to tax us, redistribute wealth, with the ultimate goal of total control. Government uses corporations to do all of these things. It's called facism.
I live in California, so I know. Government, which is supposed to be The People, is forcing us all to use less, travel less and pay more. People with any consience should research what the lithium mining has done to the indigenous people of South America. And really, our natural gas and coal powered plants are very clean next to nuclear. Look at the price the public pays for cleanup (Chernoble, Fukishima).
The EV cars will still be made from plastic, need power from a grid system that has been neglected, and as someone has already mentioned, creates a new environmental disaster. As for myself, I will try to remain free and autonomous and only buy older vehicles from now on.
Intermediate Driver

Our family is driving Chevy Volts. The information center displays our average MPG at 800 ! We've driven one from Boston to and from the Carolinas and they average 42 mpg per trip at 78 mph on gasoline engine. GM missed their marketing opportunity to position their EV know how. They will screw up again in marketing. Still a loyal fan. Go GM!

My question is this, what do you do with all the batteries? You can't even discard a phone battery.
Landfill, ocean, or launch them into space. Just trading one issue for another

GM can shove their products where the sun never shines! (except for Commiefornia and NYC)
Intermediate Driver

EV's are only going to be useful in a few areas. In the country there will be no charging stations at all, no less convenient ones and you just can't pull in someplace and say fill it up !
In cities maybe viable , but battery technology still has a way to go yet, maybe by then it will though?

I'd be hard pressed to see them taking over the lions share of the market to be honest though. 2/3 of this country is rural, hows all that charging up going to work?

As long as these vehicles are charged with fossil fueled power plants, THEY ARE NOT EMISSIONS FREE. It isn't going to matter anyway, as we are already reaping the higher gas prices from the Biden dividends of stupidity. We will be bankrupt before any of this comes to pass anyway.
New Driver

I live in farm country. Diesel trucks, tractors, harvester, combines. No time to recharge / too costly to buy new equipment. If politicians force electrics I’ll grow my own food and you all can go hungry. Not everyone lives in the city with recharging stations you know.

Exactly right, but that's where ''they'' want all of us,, in the city to keep everyone under their control! That's what all this is about, control.

Pit Crew

Wait a minute Brandan or your editor who creates misleading headlines: "General Motors announced today that it plans to be carbon neutral by 2040 and that it will “eliminate tailpipe emissions from new light-duty vehicles by 2035.” New light duty vehicles" does NOT include all vehicles.

I don't think that that car-buying public is going to change over quite that quickly, although certainly there should be a large number of folks buying electric vehicles in the next 10 years and beyond. Unless battery recharge times get a lot better (which may - or may not - happen in the mid-term), many of us are not willing to wait while our car charges.
Hagerty Fan
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CO2 is a necessary emission for the health and growth of plant life. When the earth's atmosphere is depleted of CO2 electric cars will be outlawed and HC will once again be our friend. Remember, everything comes full circle.
Intermediate Driver

I wonder if the real reason is to boost the stock price. The market could change in a decade, but I think the current efforts to build EVs are not driven by consumers.
Intermediate Driver

Think about this. What is happening right now when the archaic existing electric grid is overloaded by electric users. During the summer right now, the electric companies want to have customers utilizing cycling off & on of air conditioner compressors because they can't avoid blackouts from heavy use by the public. Want to be plugging in your electric car into a charging unit that you will need installed & maintained in or very near your home. Not too easy in a metro or very rural area & once there is a breakdown of any kind in the electric grid you won't be going anywhere!! Think about those hurricanes where the electric grid goes down & you won't be able to use your car to leave the area, & worse yet be where everyone is trying to locate someplace to recharge their batteries. Can you remember what it's like when you're out on the road & your the battery in your current car goes dead & your car is now useless? In this case, you can at least get a jump-start from another battery - That's not going to happen if you have an all electric vehicle... you're gonna be stuck with that car that's as useless as a flashlight at night when the batteries drain out! Wise Up America... especially important when a whole community is without power, especially in a hostile attack against the United States where your mobility comes to a standstill.
New Driver

Americans are afraid of change. They curse Tesla and praise Ford, why? Because they don’t understand Tesla it’s different, but it’s also better. GM know this he’ll do does Ford who is also planning on going all electric. For these companies to have a long term plan this is the ONLY way forward. Change is coming like it or not.
Pit Crew

they're not only going to eliminate tailpipe emissions they're going to eliminate people in their showrooms
Community Manager

Closing this thread. It's gone way, way off topic and --even worse-- name calling is unacceptable.