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Hagerty Employee

GM eyes off-road HD pickups, Wraith no more, Denzel Washington's 911 for sale

Intake: recently spotted an off-road-focused Sierra HD that's quite a bit beefier than the current AT4. Based on the camouflaged prototypes spied by the publication, both the Silverado and Sierra HD pickups will likely be joined by even more off-road-capable versions for the 2024 model year, following on the heels of the long-awaited Silverado ZR2 and Sierra AT4X.

I love Denzel Washington but that’s a little steep for my bank account! Nicely done on those movie titles. 😂

As a Denzel fan, I was enjoying that game of titles.

Yes, tape measure should be part of every DOT officer's kit if it's not already. I've been ticketed in the distant past (early 80's) for bumper height (jacked up Camaro rear) but fortunately he didn't notice the front was missing entirely. I've also had my motorcycle handlebar height measured but turned out to be within spec.



Will those new efficient USPS delivery vehicles slow down the hemorrhaging of cash?

It speaks volumes about our society when common sense must be legislated.
Now about those lifted 4x4 trucks and Harleys with straight pipes?

I will simply say that no technology will take away the laminated piece of paper in my wallet.
It's ridiculous.
Next: The Rolls Coupe is attractive with the exception of the grille. I wonder when we will detox from the addiction to black.
Next: Chevrolet's trucks are obnoxious and tasteless.
Next: If I had $300,000 I would probably jump in on Denzel's Porsche. Very tasty.
Next: I haven't had my coffee yet.

Cell phones are already being used to replace car keys, credit/debit cards, hotel keys, airline tickets, insurance cards, etc. etc. Is it really that ridiculous that drivers license makes that list too?

Sorry about your sh1tty "squat trucks" getting the axe. But honestly, you should have your a$$ removed if you do this to a truck. What is the point? You can't see anything, and how do you drive at night? Possibly the dumbest thing I have ever seen done to a truck. Period.

Putting aside the fact that I find the Carolina Squat to be Ugly AF, I typically say to each their own in styling a vehicle and dislike laws limiting the creative license. For the Squat I make an exception.

The extreme lift/lower tilts back the steering axis and severely affects handling (similar to what happens to turning radius on chopper motorcycles) as well as impacts handling over bumps, as the motion axis of the suspension is no longer in line with the applied forces. Similarly, it impacts breaking performance. The visibility of the driver is also compromised and the bumper height and angle are in a position to ride over smaller vehicles in a crash. All of this makes them a danger to others in a way few other stylistic mods can. Additionally, there is increased danger to the drivers as the angle of the interior seating positions lowers the effectiveness of the safety systems and the mods are often done extremely poorly (see the whistlin diesel video on one for an example) and could break in normal use.
Rant over.
Intermediate Driver

Carry your license in your phone? (which people lose regularly and often)? What could possibly go wrong? Seems performing that truck modification would be a lawsuit waiting to happen (as is with any truck that is lifted much beyond stock ride height and ends up in the back seat of the car in front of it). I'm old and grumpy so naturally skeptical of the whole "we'll all be driving battery electric cars in 10 years" prediction. But . . . I think a changeover to electric makes perfect sense for RR. I'd guess the vast majority of their customers use their cars for relatively short trips and most owners no doubt will have minions whose charge (no pun intended) would be to worry about making sure the car is ready to go.

You could say the bidding on Denzel's 911 has taken "flight" and is "unstoppable".

The Carolina squat is stupid. It looks like the truck is taking a dump just like a dog. Also it makes any sort of head on accident more dangerous for the one hitting or hit by the truck. I saw it once here in Austin. I just shook my head at the stupidity.


It seems to me that some lowriders and slammed customs might be also affected by that legislation. Plenty of customs with hydraulics can put the bumpers above or below that 14-22 inch limit. Also, it appears that aftermarket air or hydraulic suspensions in general might be banned: " No part of the original suspension system of a motor vehicle shall be disconnected to defeat the safe operation of its suspension system. "

Perhaps readers who are lawyers can weigh in.

Here are the relevant parts of SB777:

"No person shall drive on a public highway any motor vehicle registered as a passenger motor vehicle if it has been modified by alteration of its altitude from the ground to the extent that its bumpers, measured to any point on the lower edge of the main horizontal bumper bar, exclusive of any bumper guards, are not within the range of fourteen inches to twenty-two inches above the ground.

No vehicle shall be modified to cause the vehicle body or chassis to come in contact with the ground, expose the fuel tank to damage from collision, or cause the wheels to come in contact with the body under normal operation. No part of the original suspension system of a motor vehicle shall be disconnected to defeat the safe operation of its suspension system. However, nothing contained in this section shall prevent the installation of heavy duty equipment, including shock absorbers and overload springs. Nothing contained in this section shall prohibit the driving on a public highway of a motor vehicle with normal wear to the suspension system if such normal wear does not adversely affect the control of the vehicle."

carrying a license at all seems kind of silly these days - they pretty well know who you are these days before they even pull you over

'so-and-so's' car has never been and will never be something that inspires me to buy a car. I really don't care who had it last

I've seen some dumb, pointless, stupid-looking fad car mods in my day but the carolina squat definitely wins the prise for dummest

Hadn't heard of the Carolina Squat mod before, just as well. I can't imagine driving around in a rig that looks like a dog scooting his butt across the carpet.

I think I’ll pass on the GM HD ZR2.
They haven’t significantly boosted their component strength or resolved any of the major issues their IFS presents in a true off-road condition.

GM makes a fine truck, versatile for many uses, but the HD suspension is sub-par for off-road use beyond the graded forest roads. For most, that may be sufficient. Because of their IFS design and the location of the steering components, without too much torsion bar preload, which makes the lower control arm and tie rod to no longer operate in parallel, the only means to gain ground clearance at the front crossmember is with larger tires.
Ford and Ram have largely eclipsed the ride quality gap, in many ways delivering a superior ride through progressive rate coil springs, while GM still uses linear rate torsion bars.
Kudos to GM for trying to capture a niche market. But, I’ll keep rocking SFA HDs for as long as they are available. If all I wanted was a dually race hauler, I’d probably get a GM truck, but I like to hunt deep where no one else will glass up my area, so I take an HD that won’t split an aluminum center IFS diff housing, or beat me up with the stiff torsion bars.