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Hagerty Employee

GM considers Europe re-entry, R.I.P. Tony Brooks, police recover 5 Camaros stolen from plant

Intake: As electric vehicle sales in Europe rise, the Detroit Free Press reports that General Motors is considering a return there after it ended its 90-year European presence in 2017 (Corvette and Camaro aside).

The GM move is the right thing. Not only can they start with the EV lines as the Euro laws are forcing them but they can restart with the Chevy brand ands keep it simple than having so many models and brands that just add more cost.

Europe auto market is weak right now as with the Change only two MFGs there are very well prepared to go EV. VW brands and Stelantis are both in a good place while others are still pondering how to pay for it.

GM has two challenges and one is quality and the other is price. Get these two things right with the models they have coming they should do well.
Advanced Driver

I’d like to hear the full story on how those Camaros were stolen! That would make an excellent feature for Hagerty in the future when the details are available.

I also want to hear about their final disposition. Salvage seems extreme for a bounce into a median...though the chips they're carrying likely have exorbitant value.

GM might be smarter to just partner with existing Euro brands (and any other market they retreated and/or have no solid dealer presence in).

Take the profit (and scale benefit to themselves) on the volume sales of the platform & parts. Let the "locals" dress/badge it how they want and handle the sales/service side.

I do wonder how GM starts over in Europe with no dealer presence.

Lamborghini’s Huracán race car looks great.
Intermediate Driver

Maybe the same way Tesla started in the US.

I expect there will be dealers that have brands that are not able to supply the needed EV products bringing GM in to bolster their lines to offer the cars that may be needed. 

A number of MFG are going to struggle in the change over. 


I'm old enough to have the honor of watching Tony behind the wheel. I don't remember the car. He made some very good life choices and so many Blessings to him and condolences to the family.
The Kia is simply ugly.
GM as is its normal habit will fall on its face in Europe unless they do what one of your commentators has suggested; join with a European firm.
Polestar is very interesting as product and I would look into it seriously if I were to buy a modern car and put my life in the hands of a chip.

May I suggest "Saturn" as a brand name for GM's Euro EV's. It's a catchy, futuristic space age name that should do very well.

Too much name equity damage. 


I think "Oldsmobile" is more ironic in this scenario. They'd probably ruin that and capitalize the e... OldsmobilE because we need to be hit over the head with a board for catchy EV names.


"Holden" would be an insult, especially if you didn't sell them in Australia...

Intermediate Driver

I actually have a friend of mine waiting on a 2022 Camaro with the LT-1 trim, it’s in the same facility. He’s already bought it and he’s been able to track it via OnStar. It’s all assembled and ready to go, just waiting for transport to Western North Carolina. He was relieved that his car didn’t get snagged. 


If we all went together, we might find Mary Barra a nice electrical corner office in Paris or Brussels, and then re-launch Pontiac and Oldsmobile here.