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Hagerty Employee

GM and CTR's Salton Sea venture marks a shift to responsible lithium production

Earlier this month, General Motors announced a "strategic investment and commercial collaboration" with Controlled Thermal Resources (CTR) to procure lithium from Southern California's Salton Sea, said to hold a third of the world's supply in lithium, through a relatively new process that seeks to minimize the environmental impacts of traditional lithium mining.

Sustainable, one of the biggest lies in this whole world. Granted environmental damage to an already damaged place is minimal I guess. I do wish GM, etc. success in this venture as we need to be able to make our own. China will be happy to strip mine the planet to sell us some, but I'd rather avoid their junk batteries. I still think we need an alternative battery tech to Lithium Ion or just batteries in general.

We need to make affordable batteries here. The real fear is China is not making junk and they are doing it cheaper. If it were junk I would not fear them as much.

New tech will come as more money than ever is being spent. Also not all automotive but in the computer industry and for cell phones.
Advanced Driver

Any questions about the huge carbon foot print this type of mining would produce? The whole reason behind the EV movement is to reduce or eliminate the evil carbon foot print. Am I wrong in my belief that this type of mining would bring another form of carbon emission? So while eliminating ICE and other fossil emissions we're creating another form to replace it with. Total hypocrisy.