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Hagerty Employee

Glimpse Cadillac's flagship "sedan," buy Nick Mason's '89 Testarossa, limited-run TRX mocks gas prices

Intake: A quartet of intentionally vague photos of the upcoming Cadillac Celestiq concept vehicle has surfaced, and only one gives an indication to a production model's future intentions. The shot of a red fender (shown above) suggests the Celestiq will be properly upscale, as it sports a beautifully surfaced area with a significant dash-to-axle space ahead of the driver's door.

Those Cadillac teaser photos are par for the course in today's advertising: they reveal nothing.

Good (over)use of Pink Floyd puns. They've been a favourite band of mine for decades.
Their live shows (I've been to five,) were about as good as a concert experience could get.
I still occasionally dream about the original "The Wall" show from 1981. The entire North American tour was Uniondale, NY and Los Angeles. Indelibly incredible.

The Mostro Barchetta is (insert EVERY superlative you can come up with.)
I'm speechless, (applause from crowd.)

That Zagato!

I don't really know what else to add. It's... beautiful!

That will have to do. 🙂

The new Sequoia grill looks like a piece of industrial grating from a brewery catwalk.

Should have just made all the giant holes Toyota logos?

Everything Manifold shows today is an atrocious design with the exception of the Zagato, which is curvy and stunning. I can't understand why Domestic designers can't do anything attractive. It's questionable enough about all the technology in the car but the exteriors are
arrogant and cold. There's some wonderful design talent in this Country. Give the work to someone (or a group) that has more refined sensibilities.

That Testarossa might break through "The Wall". "A Momentary Lapse Of Reason" may lead to a very large purchase price which may "Meddle" with Testarossa values. Once you turn the key and hear "The Delicate Sound Of Thunder" from the Flat 12 your "Pulse" will quicken and give you an "Animal" like response where all you can do is ask for "More", drool and say "Ummagumma". "The Endless River" of responses may be "Obscured By Clouds".

Is that good enough?

That'll do sir, that'll do.

That Mostro Barchetta might be one of the few Zagato's I think is a beautiful car.
Intermediate Driver

I have to repaint the Testarossa to its original color.

First thing that came to mind with the beautiful Zagato was the Jaguar E-Type.
Intermediate Driver

The profile looks similar to the Z8 too...
Advanced Driver

Before reading this I had always thought that celebrity ownership should increase the market value of a classic car. But knowing Nick Mason, if he ditched this Ferrari so soon, clearly it couldn’t have been that nice of a car to begin with. So, as a driver rather than collector, this has actually decreased my appreciation and interest in this car and I certainly wouldn’t bid on it were I in the market.