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Get your thrills with this "Death Defying" 1958 Corvette

We've made no secret of the fact that we love some movies purely for their cars, and particularly for their car stunts. The orange-and-white Corvette above proves that this fascination for jumping, crashing, and barrel-rolling cars is hardly unique to the green-screen era; it's been in the blood of car enthusiasts for decades.


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Perhaps you mean "...spin on a dime..."

Community Manager

Perhaps indeed!  We are making the change now, thank you! 

Pit Crew

The Joie Chitwood Thrill Show was a regular at NE Ohio dirt tracks in the late 50s and early 60s.  Pretty exiting when you're a pre-teen.

New Driver

Saw Chitwood in the early 50s at the Powell, Ohio Speedway which was a dirt track.

Pit Crew

Glad to see a Corvair in the fleet. It seems he had a placement deal with Chevrolet.

Intermediate Driver

The Joie Chitwood Thrill show was part of the Eastern States Exposition here in Western Massachusetts until the end.  I usually realize they aren't around anymore when I am walking around the fair, and don't hear the carnival barkers promoting the show.


I remember seeing Joie at the local stadium where I grew up. The announcer would scream "Joie, Joie, JOIE!!! CHITWOOD!!!!!" when the cars came out at the start of the show. The most memorable thing about it was that one of the cars wasn't going fast enough when he started up the ramp to jump the cars side-by-side, and he didn't quite make it to the other ramp.


I think that's where the phrase "That's not gonna buff out" came from.....


One of the precious few benefits of being a lifelong packrat: keeping and locating my 1985 program from the Brockton (Massachusetts) Fairgrounds:







Community Manager

This is amazing!  Thank you so much for sharing these items from the fairgrounds! 



Makes me wish I had unlimited resources because aside from the fact that it's a piece of automotive history, it's also a thing of beauty. 


   I'm another guy who remembers seeing the Chitwood show as a kid.  The fairgrounds in Boise, Idaho used to be at the intersection of Fairview and Orchard, and was almost "out in the sticks", but today that area has all been developed for decades.  I'm not sure what year they came to town, but I'm thinking very late '50s or early '60s.  I do clearly recall those white sedans (likely Biscaynes?) roiling the dirt in the rodeo area, and man was I excited to watch those antics.  Up until then, I had no idea that cars could do such things!  But I surely don't recall anything as cool as this 'Vette being in the show...

  I totally agree with Guitar74 that it's one beautiful machine, and I'm glad it's preserved.  And I'm totally jealous of Tinkerah!  😭


Thanks Man, it's a blessing and a curse. This is an old article from back when I could post images. The forum should be grateful that the new system doesn't allow it because I'd be flooding it with all manner of wacky photos from "back in the day"!

By-the-way, I was sad to hear about Marvelous Marvin earlier this year.  I visited the restaurant once where his statue stood, and rubbed his bald head for luck.  Heckuva sad day for Brockton, whether you were a fight fan or not, as he brought that city a lot of attention!