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Hagerty Employee

Gallery: First-ever American Speed Festival brings vintage metal to the Motor City

Dear Detroit: For years, you were short-changed. Daytona, Laguna Seca, Indianapolis, Goodwood-if anyone wanted to witness a proper exhibition of vintage auto racing, these locations reigned supreme. Up until last weekend, the Motor City was noticeably absent from the list of blockbuster gatherings of vintage metal.
Pit Crew

Who is Kai Anderson and why does he get to drive the Chaparrals?
Pit Crew

because you weren't available! 🙂
Pit Crew

Love the photos here; especially the Chaparrals!
Advanced Driver

Give me the Herb Thomas Hudson tribute any day!!

Can't wait for it to comeback, but only with a reasonable admission price. $75/day was ridiculous!

The wanted a friend to bring his vintage '60s Indy car to display, but offered no incentive, despite the high price admission. Meanwhile, if you actually want to run the car, it is hundreds of $. No bargain there, either.
New Driver

Aw c'mon...a $10 ticket in 1970 would be $75 in today's dollars (so far). To see 100 vintage race cars including the 4 Chapparals in action on the track is priceless to me...and many other fan boys. You can take the memories but can't take the money with you OldCarMan.
Intermediate Driver

The new head of M1 Concourse, Tim McGrane, had previously run the Blackhawk Auto Museum and Laguna Seca. Blackhawk always had great car events & fantastic speaker series year-after-year. I was thrilled when he came to Laguna Seca and hoped he could expand the track’s program beyond having races. Unfortunately, local political games cut his time short. It will be interesting to see what can happen at M1. For a young, small facility, this looks like a good start.

Great photos, but more captions, please.