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Hagerty Employee

Gallery: Discover the Chili Bowl, a race that rivals Daytona in the hearts of NASCAR's best

Four years ago, NASCAR star and avid dirt-track racer Kyle Larson stated that winning the Chili Bowl-an annual indoor midget race in Tulsa, Oklahoma-would be a bigger deal for him than winning the Daytona 500. That hierarchy may come as a shock, but visit the Chili Bowl once and you'll see why Larson's statement is far from unreasonable.

"Prolific drivers"? "..crowed mantle"?
Pit Crew

I was fortunate to be able attend my first Chili Bowl this year. It's an event like no other. I highly recommend any car guy or gal put it on their bucket list. It has it all; amazing cars, loyal and rowdy fans, mud flying at you in the stands as the drivers roar by...and of course, plenty of chili and other super healthy food!

The race has the best name ever with the Chili Bowl. Makes me hungry.
Intermediate Driver

VP Larry Webster made his midget DEBUT! at the the Chill Bowl! In a rental car! what’s up with that? That’s like me playing my first round of golf at the US Open. Come on Man!

I have loved this race for years. I am shock how many have just discovered this race.


For a number of years I had to watch Dave Dispain on Speedweek to get the results and info on the races. 

Finally it is getting some attention.


I have seen a number on non regular dirt drivers here. If Hamilton wanted to prove his true skill he would fly over from England and give this a shot. 

I still say the best skilled drivers in the world are in wingless dirt cars. 

Pit Crew

WoO without wings.

Now that's real racing!!!

To heck with NASCAR!
New Driver

"They wore masks and visors not only to prevent the spread of COVID-19..." Judging by the pictures in this very article, the number who actually wore masks were inconsequential. 😉
Pit Crew

I just moved to Tulsa a couple months ago. Couldn't fit it into my schedule this year. Hopefully I can next year. Always wanted to attend, but time and distance were always an issue. I no longer have that excuse.