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From cars to culture, the only constant is change

A test driver I met once who worked at Lamborghini around 1974 told me about Ferruccio Lamborghini’s last days with the troubled company. One afternoon, a group of workers confronted the comandante by the gate and asked about rumors that the factory was for sale. “Yes,” Ferruccio is said to have responded, “I found some idiota to buy this company.” Lamborghini retired to his vineyard with his fortune and watched as the idiota failed—as did the next one, and then the Italian government and a few idiots after that. The fact that Automobili Lamborghini still exists is in defiance of enormous odds ... Read the full article on


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Cars are not automobiles and sexy cars are a joy to drive. Whether you drive a v8 or a 4 banger, if you like it, you enjoy it. All these tools that own a this or a limited that, and they don't drive it, that is why they are tools. I have always wanted a Pantera until I sat in one and nothing fit me right. Small footwell, steering wheel off center, and to get in and out of it, not what I wanted. I have a 70 Javelin as a weekend runner that brings me joy every time I use it and it is easier to work on than a exotic.

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