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Four-wheel steering is having its moment (again)

Over the long life of the automobile, technologies have come and gone. While nobody is using in-dash record players or Liquid Tire Chain, other advancements, like steering with all four wheels, evolved and improved with the times. Depending on the application, it’s a technology that some enthusiasts specifically seek out, while others avoid it or take pains to disable such systems. Once purely practical, four-wheel steering is a largely now a performance feature to improve handling on sports cars. Let’s dig into how it works, how it came to be, and why it’s made a comeback in recent years.


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My 1992 Nissan 300 ZX TT came with HICAS 4 wheel steering which was hyped as a big deal at the time.

28 yrs later, never had a problem with it, car still fast as stink, and a joy on the twisties with 90,000 km on it.