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Hagerty Employee

Forward control trucks of the 1960s–Ranked

Forward-control trucks moved the passenger compartment as far forward as possible, adding more utility space within the same wheelbase and overall length. This design would likely never pass modern crash tests, so fans of the style have to look to the past to get their fix. In terms of style and function, the 1960s was primetime for forward-control trucks, so here are four of the best from that decade ranked from cool to coolest.


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I like the big truck version of this look. Things like the Ford C series, even the GM "New Look" buses and such.


Not sure if the big ones would pass the modern safety stuff either...

Pit Crew

I'm team Land Rover 101 forever, but America has been very good at this game.


After logging 8-10k miles in the Greenbrier I owned, I don't think there is any way to make any vehicle where your feet are within 8-10 inches of the front bumper pass any safety test. That Greenbrier is fairly light, so putting even more weight behind the passengers is terrifying in my mind. 


Agreed, the Chevy was by far the coolest of these rides.

New Driver

I'm totally a Ford guy, but .... okay, Chevy wins this one!  

I've only owned one of these ... bought a 10 year old Econoline for $500 just to use to move once ... cleaned and polished it up and sold 2 months later for $800 🙂


I think you got it right. Of course I owned a rampy and I loved it. First car was a Corvair and I still own several. I also manufacture tools and parts to support the Corvair community. Facebook. Blue Chip Tools

Intermediate Driver

It's funny how a picture can cause a massive memory recall. The Ford Econoline picture immediately brought up memories of ride in one of these beasts when I was about 14. My first memory is the peculiar smell this truck had. A combination of leaky exhaust and oil mixed with spilled wine and probably urine made it a smell to remember. The reason I have such a strong memory of this truck is that the driver, Jamie, a sort of friend of my mother's, drove the truck off the road and crashed into a string of fence posts. The truck naturally didn't have seat belts, so my brother and myself were thrown around the interior and banged up quite a bit but nothing more than scrapes and bruises. Jamie, who was pretty smashed mentally on God knows what, walked away without so much as a scratch. The truck, looking pretty bad with fence posts embedded into the body work, still moved and he drove us home, fence posts and all. Last time we ever rode with Jamie, and my mother banned him from ever coming to our house again. A week later, he smashed up his father's fancy Dodge Challenger into another string of fence posts. What a loser.

New Driver

What about the Chevy/GMC forward control vans of the 60?

64-66 flat windshield and 67-70 curved glass models?


The Rampside is the best of the bunch in my opinion. I always wanted one,and they had 4 times the hp of the VW!