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Forward control trucks of the 1960s–Ranked

Forward-control trucks moved the passenger compartment as far forward as possible, adding more utility space within the same wheelbase and overall length. This design would likely never pass modern crash tests, so fans of the style have to look to the past to get their fix. In terms of style and function, the 1960s was primetime for forward-control trucks, so here are four of the best from that decade ranked from cool to coolest.


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When I was stationed in Massachusetts in the 60's, the Air Force used the Ford Econoline. With no weight in the bed, driving these in snow was a THRILLING and SCARY experience. 


My third one was with a cabover camper attached. The ramp was removed and that is where the door was. Raised floor in the rear was dinette that made into a bed. Great camping rig and fun to drive. Wish I had it now!


all ways wondered bout the rampside gettin skratched but see the black rub rail on this one. The 2 level load area nixed 'em for me.  The power'n hight - 'out' for the vee dub. A friend w/the jeep usta do 'nose stands', so that one also "no".  Dodge hada 'slanty' which won me over in several of their wagons, but the 'fit'n finish' (things fell apart pretty quick) was not good. Liked the ford as they had the 240 motor (300/4.9 - 'the gasser that's a diesel") and no thing could beat the durability.  Just like a covering so got an 8dor model. Fantastic as stock goes in 1 door, tools/equipment the other. A real wrkman'rs friend to this day (paint, plumbing, carpentry, etc).


Turquoise or Blue were dominate colors of the 50s. Not so much in the 60s. Seemed rather daring for these models, given the quirkness of the design. Did the manufacturers think, what the hell - what do we have to lose?