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Formula Hybrid + Electric prepares students for an electrified future | Hagerty Media

Formula Hybrid + Electric began in 2006, when students from the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College built a hybrid race car and took it to that year's Formula SAE competition.
Advanced Driver

EVs in mainstream motorsports? Is it called Formula E? I tried watching. Each team had two cars. One to race and one on a charger. I said" Never again" I'll never watch another" One car per team.
When they race Hybrids and EVs I'm done watching. All I remember is that high pitched headache inducing whine of these oversized slot cars. No more exhaust notes no more sweet smell of racing fuels. Probably the smell of an electrical fire mixed with a little tire rubber. YUCK! My yesterdays have out numbered my tomorrows I guess I should consider myself lucky to have witnessed the best motorsports, sights and smells, ever cause ever is soon over with this EV crap to come.

LOL must be a age thing early in life I remember being open to so much, but I agree the first time I flicked to what I thought was Formula 1 I sat dumfounded at what I was seeing whats going on here,Yep no sensual feeling there like you said no smell of high octane no sound of pistons travelling at warp speed the chest pounding of engines pouring out big HP numbers that is as much the experience as the race itself,cant help but wonder that same was true for the transition from every county's horse racing with the smell of dirt/manure/and the pounding of hoofs to rickety flimsy cars roaring around old dirt circuit's at that time Iam sure that a portion of the well seasoned generation scoffed at that.Cheers R   

Pit Crew

Is this competition different from Formula SAE, Global Formula Racing and Formula Student?
Intermediate Driver

Uhhh ... article is a BIT flimsy ..
in that we have NO clue how the terms
'Hybrid' and 'electric' apply. For instance,
WHAT powers the drive wheels .. I might
assume a battery run electric motor with a
small IC engine keeps charging??
Advanced Driver

Good to see this kind of innovation and development in a competition setting. The participants are the engineer's and designers I'd want to hire in the future. People with competitive drive and real world experience. My compliments to Thayer for pursuing this program.