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Hagerty Employee

Forget the SS badge, this prewar beast is a proper Jaguar in all but name

There's a reason why admirers often see the badge on the grille of Jim and Lisa Hendrix's stunning 1935 SS Cars Limited SS1 Airline Saloon and immediately do a double take. Don't the letters "SS" generally refer to the notorious Nazi Schutzstaffel? Yes, they do.
Pit Crew

Having owned a TR2 Triumph I can attest the tools are a must have. Sadly I crashed the TR back in 1969. But I love the British cars and this one is out of this world! Congrats.guys.

Back in the 1990s when I was married, my ex drove an XJS, my daily was a Mark II, and my weekender was (and is) an E-Type. So we were an all Jag family. But those early SS cars always fascinated me. My ex wanted a replica of the SS 100, which was always her favorite. I loved the longer SS's like the one shown here. Congrats on a superb result!!
Intermediate Driver

My folks owned a 1934 SS1 in the late 1970's until 1983. They purchased the SS1 from a collector (Chamberlain?) in Fresno, CA for $6,000. It had a Ford motor at the time, and drove surprisingly well! She needed a full restoration, but I think most of the parts were there. It drew lots of attention. I wish I had that silver beauty now!
New Driver

Outstanding article Jeff Peek. Your detail is amazing. At least, we now know one of the sixteen. Jim & Lisa have one helluva showstopper there. Continued good luck to them!
Pit Crew

This car was also shown at The Greenbrier Concours d' Elegance last month where it received a Best In Class award for European Classics.

That is a pretty car. Very cool to see it in action.

"We've owned it for 26 years and worked on it for 25." And they will continue to do so. Because, Jaguar.
Very nice piece of history and hats off to the whole team.

Lovely car. Thanks. SS/Jaguars of the '30s were sold to the sort of people who bought Auburns in the US. They offered style and presence for cutthroat price, how Jaguar made its name, tho' until the SS100 were oft described as "sheep in wolves' clothing."
Advanced Driver

Beautiful car! The rear seat legroom looks comparable to my XJS. A Jaguar tradition, I guess.