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Hagerty Employee

Ford vs. Mansory: Who did the GT better? | Hagerty Media

We don't expect you to take long to decide which of these two ultra-exclusive, customized vehicles did it better. The Le Mansory is one of three Ford GTs rebodied and tuned by Mansory. (The first is accented in blue, and you can buy it for roughly $2.1 million; the third doesn't exist yet.)
New Driver

Every mansory branded vehicles need to incinirated immediately. Mansory need to be, by law, never allowed to work any device used for locomotion, not just cars. Failure to do so should result in some forms of medieval torture method.
New Driver

Talk about gilding the lily, their designer must be a 13 yo kid.
New Driver

Mansory soils everything it touches. This Ford GT is no exception.
Advanced Driver

meh. MEH!
Meaningless and all but useless.
Advanced Driver

I like the Mansory version, but not as a bastardized Ford GT. I would like it as its own vehicle on a bespoke platform. So my answer is that I like the idea but not the specific execution.
New Driver

I'm grateful there will only be three of them made, but even one is too many.

I know I'm a relic from a time it seems long ago, but I like the the clean lines of the 2005-06 GT and the original 1964 much better than the current model and especially these with the do dads, gee gaws, headlight bling and all. OK, the wings and things are required for aerodynamics when racing but for pure aesthetics, I'll take the older models, thank you.
Intermediate Driver

As Tim K. said... I'm just too old for this kinda nonsense.
Intermediate Driver

These vehicles would look so much better with "STP" stickers, spinning wheel covers, and pine tree scented deoderant devices hanging from the rear view mirrors. Perfect!
Pit Crew

Love the Masonry version! If I had the scratch, I'd buy one. Much better looking IMVHO! John