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Ford V-8s soldier on through 2040, a rare 911 crosses the auction block, supplier issues delay Nissan's Z

Intake: Production may have started today for Ford's all-electric F-150, but truck owners hesitant to forgo the tried-and-true V-8 have little need for alarm. As Unifor Local 200 president John D'Agnolo tells the Windsor Star following a meeting with Ford's VP of Americas manufacturing and VP of labor affairs, Ford doesn't expect to exit combustion-engine production until 2040.

I'm ready to be corrected by anyone who knows better, but in the photo of the Ford V8 at the top of the page: it looks clear to me that that idler bracket is interfering with the crank pulley.

Nah, it doesn't interfere. They cut that part out! 😉

I do think it's an illusion, as the perspective does make it look like it would occupy the same space as the pulley, but I *think* it would clear. It's just that the angle of the photo makes it look otherwise.

I'll concede it could be an illusion but even so: are they so proud of that bracket that they had to section the pulley to show it off? It sure invites wisenheimers like me to claim "Hey - I see why the belt won't stay on!"

If the last ICE vehicle to be bought is a HD truck, then so be it, but I'd rather it was a Mustang. I do not see myself going electric by 2040. Sure I'll be in my mid 60's (if I'm still around) but I like the freedom to go anywhere, anytime and not be tethered to a charging cable.

I am looking forward to the new Z in person.

TVR is going electric? That's a funny joke. TVR can say it's going Nuclear Fission for all I care.  They have yet to do anything and I think the window for people caring is going or gone. RIP TVR, you had a (semi) good run.

Can anyone in BMW make a good looking product anymore? Between the rodent face (no need it's electric, right?) and the horrible black top with gray two tone color scheme, this is just a rolling, steaming pile of poop.

Intermediate Driver

911 Carrera RS 2.7 had 210 PS. That was 199 hp, by the conversion back then. I've never heard this 213 number before.
Advanced Driver

TVR going all electric "how exciting", yawn...

Ford better hold out with the V8 Truck motor,
or they'll lose the "game".
I have a "stroker '514' engine" in my '86 F250.
When you need that much power, fuel consumption is the same.
Cost per gallon is a close "boxing match" between Diesel & Gas.
My Dodge 'Cummins' under Towing Load gets 9.5 mpg
My Ford '514' gets a constant 8.6 mpg, trailer or not. But the power band is better.

so you can figure which one I don't use for 'Beer Runs'.
Unless I want to do some 'Drag Racing' & shame the local "hot rods"