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Hagerty Employee

Ford's Transit Custom Trail is the minivan challenger we want but won't get

In North America, we are all familiar with Ford's Transit van. What we're less familiar with is Ford Europe's Transit Custom, a van that slots between the full-size Transit and the car-based Transit Connect. This unibody vehicle is roughly the size of the Mercedes-Benz Metris van and has been in production since 2012. We don't suspect you've looked longingly at a Transit van recently, but Ford's latest updates to the mid-size cargo-hauler might provoke an envious stare across the pond.


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It's generally even worse in Canada for not getting the interesting spec models (or even entire models). Occasionally there are exceptions and Canada gets something USA doesn't.


AWD midsize van should be something that would sell well here.


We actually recently picked up a Transit Connect Wagon (take off the word wagon and it is one of those little white delivery vehicles you see lots of contractors using, usually with panels instead of side windows).


It is a goofy, fun to drive (though relatively gutless) great family hauler. So easy to park as even the long wheelbase model isn't that huge. We love that there is an aisle that an adult can nearly walk to the 2nd row seating from. It's a bit spartan (even with leather seats) but it feels very analog (though having many of the modern features) which I credit to the commerical roots of the platform.


Ours is black so a total unicorn among the white masses of contractor little vans like ours. So while we look like an Euro taxi, we are happy with the purchase. I'm pretty impressed with a lot of the 2010-now Ford products. Hopefully the midsize van comes to North America.