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Ford’s new Cobra Jet is a 1400-hp, all-electric drag racing machine

Ford’s newest, one-off Cobra Jet will take on the quarter-mile with 1400 horsepower of electric thrust. Read the full article on

Replies (1)

Replies (1)

While a lot of the fun of watching, and of course participating in drag racing is the smell of the race fuel ( and nitro) and the ground shaking sound this is pretty cool. E vehicles are our future and its nice to see them in a drag racing setting ( Like Don Garlits) . Not to mention that the technology developed here will trickle down to our daily drivers.  I did not buy into the e vehicle thing right away, i actually despised them and what they stand for but I have come around.  I don't think the Mach E Mustang should be called a Mustang, but I have decided it would be nice to have one parked in the garage next to my 2008 Mustang GT (even though I only have a one car garage). 

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