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Ford’s first muscle truck, the SVT Lightning, is still an affordable classic

General Motors is the reason Ford got into the muscle truck business in 1993. Ford’s crosstown rival lit up magazine covers with Chevy’s 1990 454SS and then the all-wheel-drive GMC Syclone a year later. Car and Driver even pitted a Syclone against a Ferrari 348ts, and the contest didn’t end well for Enzo. Ford’s corporate ego could only take so much.


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We own one of each color First Generation Lightning sport truck, and have found them to be a very reliable vehicle with very little in the way of problems.  Everyone who see's them is impressed with their look and performance sound.  Other than the exclusive seats, engine installation, spoiler and fog lights the F150 XLT versions have all the replacement parts that you'll need if something should arise.  Maybe Hallmark should produce an ornament celebrating the sport trucks.

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