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Hagerty Employee

Ford reveals 2021 F-150 and new PowerBoost drivetrain

Ford finally pulled the wraps off the 2021 F-150, showing the public the pickup for the first time by way of a streaming event from Willow Run, a former Ford assembly plant. The big news is the first hybrid F-150! Pairing an electric motor and regenerative braking with the 3.5L EcoBoost, Ford's calling it PowerBoost.


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In this case, I applaud them straying towards "safe" (very Rangerish to me) and less random bits added on which has been a thing in car design the past 5+ years (i.e., the cluttered Civics and all, the circa 2016 F150 grill with the little pokey bits into the headlights, etc.).


Hopefully they offer some regular cab versions. I get that crewcabs rule the market, but in the last year the local dealers have actually had the odd normal truck on the lot.


Ford will sell you a new, regular cab F-150 because they still sell tons of them to fleets. You'll have to be fine with a long bed and spartan accomodations to buy one on a lot. I miss the classic proportions of the regular cab short bed pickup truck, but I only have two parking slots for myself. Therefore a truck in my driveway has to have 4 seats. Other people only have the money for one vehicle, and it's gotta haul the family around so that forces their hand into a crew cab. 

Community Manager

I am sure you will be able to special a regular cab with just about any feature you could get on other XLT body styles. Now getting a Platinum regular cab?  That would be a challenge...but a fun one if you bought a wrecked one off of copatr!


As I've done a lot of car camping and tailgating at Gator football games in my life, I'd go hybrid over the sound and the fury of the 5.0 for that bigger power inverter. I would also appreciate any extra bonuses to fuel economy since I'm a city slicker. I'll wait for real-world fuel economy numbers because the EPA ratings on the F-150s today are total baloney.


I appreciate the evolution, not revolution of this new F-150's interior design. I was concerned when I heard Ford felt like they had to have a 12-inch screen to match the new Ram. The monstrosity in the new Mach E only upped my concern. But Ford got to 12 inches by shrinking the bezels around the screen, and they have retained good old-fashioned knobs and buttons for media and climate controls. It also looks like Ford transferred some of the Lincoln interior designers to work on the high-trim F-150s to stop defections to Ram. Looks nice but I wonder if the materials quality holds up in person. Ram nailed the details on those high-end trucks, from the quality of the leather to the feel of the rear door cards.


Since I tend to keep a vehicle past warranty, I’d stay with the 5.0 with WAY less baggage than forced induction AND  battery. 
As mentioned there’s not much else that’s a radical departure...and as a current F150 KR owner that’s not a bad thing. I think the move to aluminum body a few years ago was much more evolutionary.

Advanced Driver

I just sold my 2015 regular cab short box. It was a great truck and over 42,000 miles I averaged 24.3 mpg with the basic 3.5 V6. I sold it because it was just to big. And I will not buy any "small" truck because I can't get a regular cab from anyone. Put your thinking cap on Ford!


I like the Pro Power option.  Nice to see a feature both clever and useful.  Can't say the same for the folding shifter.