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Hagerty Employee

Ford promises frunk and range-topping power for all-electric F-150

Ford announced that it would expand its Rouge assembly plant by building the new Rouge Electric Vehicle Center as part of a $700 million investment at the complex. The new site will be the home of the all-electric F-150 that Ford plans to build by mid-2022. Ford notes that the expansion will bring 300 jobs to the plant, which will support not only the all-electric F-150, but also the battery for the PowerBoost Hybrid F-150 headed our way for the 2021 model year.


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Very glad they're building it here.


Regenerative braking to prolong the life of friction brakes? 1/2 and 3/4 ton GM truck's friction brakes have lasted well over 100k miles for the better part of 20 model years and counting. Ford truck's friction materials haven't lasted half as long in 20 model years and if they need to engineer a hybrid to increase the life of their friction brakes, I'll be questioning the endurance of that 47 h/p electric motor replacing the torque converter. For confidence sake I'd trust GM truck's proven brake performance. While FOMOCO manufactures good trucks their braking systems have have been an F series problem for years.