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Ford Performance goes all-in on 7.3-liter V-8 crate engine program, teases “Megazilla”

Ford Performance is beginning to expand its crate-engine ambitions for the heavy-duty 7.3-liter “Godzilla” V-8 that originally debuted in the 2019 Super Duty pickup. For gearheads interested in Ford’s return to big-inch, pushrod powerplants, the future is bright.


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How did they manage to make it heavier than a Coyote? Ford's OHC V8s tend to make Chrysler's elephants look like potential Miata swaps when they're both on engine stands. They used to make Windsors that weighed less than the four and six cylinder English anchors they supplanted in sports cars, and then they made OHC V8s that were the engine equivalent of the sort of third-rate packaging that made their IRS T-bird and Mark VIII platform the width of a mining truck. Now they can't make a pushrod V8 lighter than their giant OHC engines? Who are they hiring in engineering?

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150LBS not that much when you consider + 140CID than a Coyote.


The LS7 displaces about 125 cubic inches more than a Coyote and weighs nine pounds more than a Coyote only because it was weighed with a clutch and water pump that the Coyote wasn't.

We're going to need a bigger boat.


That's funny right there, I tell you what!  🙂


I do love the fact that an OEM is doing this!  That said; the Coyote is Coyote Ugly and small in displacement. (It's WAY too big in real estate taken).  At least this engine has some cubic inches.  

Now if it were up top me I'd still get a 385 series engine, stroke it to over 500 cubes, fuel inject it and maybe even put a blower on it.  It will look better than either this or the Coyote engine and make just as much or more power.  🙂  

If I wanted to do it with a lighter weight package (as one other has noted) the way to go is with a bored and stroked Windsor (aftermarket block being used) with a blower and fuel injection make nearly as much horsepower as the Megazilla, more than a Coyote and have a really good looking engine.  

No it wouldn't be a Coyote, (some people just need to have the latest thing, regardless of function or form) but it would be really powerful and not look Coyote ugly.  🙂