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Hagerty Employee

Ford looks to prove the haters wrong with a 1400-hp Mach-E

Ford knows it has a formidably high bar to step over with the Mach-E, the all-electric CUV that co-opts the Mustang's branding and styling. It's a bar that, to be frank, Ford will never reach—since, to diehard enthusiasts, a Mustang is strictly defined as a two-door pony car—but that hasn't stopped Ford from trying to prove the haters wrong with the rowdy Mach-E 1400 Prototype.


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I'm thinking there would be less angst over the Mach-E if the widebody look was what we were getting. Or make it a no-cost option (hah... that will never happen). Make it a style choice, not a checkbook choice.


Reminds me of the Ford Explorer Sportrac which didn't look quite right, then at the very end they turn a prototype version into the Adrenalin model and you look at it and think "Why wasn't that what these things looked like all along?".

Pit Crew

Given RTR's integration with Ford and their recent listing looking for engineers that are familiar with federal motor vehicle codes, I wouldn't be surprised to see this body kit make it to market some how -- RTR Mach-E, anyone?

Community Manager

And not surprisingly, the Adrenaline model is holding its value quite well these days...well, relative to a garden variety Sport Trac, that is. 


What exactly do the supposed haters "hate" and how will this placate them?

Hagerty Fan
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That nail to chalkboard squelching pitch would challenge my sanity. The factory model designated for sale to Jane Q public is butt ugly and will be a sales flop.