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Ford looks to prove the haters wrong with a 1400-hp Mach-E

Ford knows it has a formidably high bar to step over with the Mach-E, the all-electric CUV that co-opts the Mustang's branding and styling. It's a bar that, to be frank, Ford will never reach—since, to diehard enthusiasts, a Mustang is strictly defined as a two-door pony car—but that hasn't stopped Ford from trying to prove the haters wrong with the rowdy Mach-E 1400 Prototype.


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I'm thinking there would be less angst over the Mach-E if the widebody look was what we were getting. Or make it a no-cost option (hah... that will never happen). Make it a style choice, not a checkbook choice.


Reminds me of the Ford Explorer Sportrac which didn't look quite right, then at the very end they turn a prototype version into the Adrenalin model and you look at it and think "Why wasn't that what these things looked like all along?".