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Hagerty Employee

Ford charges up the Lightning nameplate for its all-electric F-150 | Hagerty Media

Lightning is back, and not just because it's spring thunderstorm season. Today Ford confirmed what many Blue Oval fans have suspected: The upcoming all-electric F-150 pickup truck will bear the fabled Lightning name. The announcement video, which Ford released today on its social media channels, may have said it best: "It's time to take an entire century of innovation and point it at the next century."

Now that is shocking. 

Intermediate Driver

That is a crossover befitting it's title. The Mustang Mach-E is a decent enough looking vehicle but it is definitely leaning on it's name for stability and appeal. I doubt that Ford would have sold as many if it was named the "Edge-E" or "Flex-E" (although that would make for a hilarious conversation starter). But I also appreciate that production will happen in the US. I understand that manufacturing a car, especially an electric one, is a global process that cannot all happen in the US but it is good to hear that assembly and production will happen here. Maybe Ford will take a note from Jeep and build a manual transmission to to attach to the electric motors on a regular cab short bed body truck to give us a throwback to the 99-04 Lightning's.

There is no reason why enthusiasts can't enjoy electric cars, but manufacturers have to be willing to make them appeal to enthusiasts. The way I see it the more direct control a driver has over the operation of his or her vehicle, the more of an "enthusiast" they will become.