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Hagerty Employee

Ford adds manual transmission for Sasquatch-equipped Bronco

When it was first announced, the 2021 Ford Bronco could not be optioned with both the Sasquatch off-road package and a manual transmission. In response to customer feedback, Ford announced today that it will now offer the seven-speed manual transmission as an option with the rough-and-tough Sasquatch package. The 2021 Bronco officially hits showrooms in spring 2021.


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The Ford 2.3L turbocharged in-line 4 cyl is, in my opinion, one of the worst engines I've ever experienced. I drove it in a 2020 Mustang. I knew within 2 miles why Ford needed a 10 speed automatic.  The torque power curve feels only 1000 RPM wide, so the transmission is constantly shifting like it's on ritalin.  ( I ended up test driving two cars just to make sure one wasn' t kust a fluke.)


Manually moving through the gears will give you tendonitis.   I can't imagine how it would be much better with only a 7 speed manual tranny, rather it will likely be worse with such a narrow torque curve.  The previous V6 that the I4 replaced in 2018 was a far better engine with only slightly less gas mileage but orders of magnitude better driveability.  The only hope is to see if the Bronco becomes available with the turbo 6, assuming the torque curves aren't compromised on that engine as well.

Pit Crew

I rented a 2020 2.3L turbo Mustang with auto trans and thought it to be a very satisfying car to drive. I had originally rented a 5.0 GT but after a few miles, it became apparent that the rear suspension on one side was loose and making noise. I returned it to the rental agency hoping to get another 5.0 because the power and sound were awesome, but all they had was the turbo 4. I was initially disappointed, but after several day of driving, I became impressed with the balance and handling, and thought it a great car.